Fractal Life Engine

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Ruby scripts grow 3D fractals and render them with PovRay, OpenInventor and YASRT. Includes (rough) ports of Lauren Lapre's LPARSER to GNU C++. Includes a RubyTk quot;sketchquot; output for quick previews as you edit a script.



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Myqgzx - the Service System of QGZX@JNU

the Service System of QGZX..Using the FleaPHP frameworks & MySQL~

Fleahttpd - A fast httpd as small as a flea

FleaHttpd is a http daemon written from scratch in C. When working as a static file server, data show that under certain condition, fleahttpd's speed for static file retrieving can be three times faster than Apache2. See BenchmarkResults page in Wiki. Only minimal CGI functionalities are supported at the current stage.

Flealancemarket - Place where employers and freelancers meet each other.

This project is part of my studies at Faculty of organizational sciences (business administration and IT school). Aim of this project is making a web application that should be base for online community where freelancers (mostly IT and web related) can find a job. Also, that should be an online community where people and enterprises with jobs-to-be-done can find freelancers willing to do that job. The name FleaLanceMarket is word game. Actually, it is the mix of words "freelance" and "flea marke

Fleaphp - 开� PHP 开�框架 - FleaPHP

  FleaPHP 为开�者轻��快�的创建应用程��供帮助。FleaPHP 框架简��清晰,容易�解和学习,并且有完全中文化的文档和丰富的示例程��低学习�本。   使用 FleaPHP 框架开�的应用程�能够自动适应���行环境,并兼容 PHP4 和 PHP5。   进一步了解:[官方网站]。

Ccblog - �用户Blog程�


Flea-box - 跳蚤盒-将那些��的闲置旧物拿出�分享��


Sing - Sing songs with the Mac OS X Speech Synthesizer

A command-line utility that makes the Mac text-to-speech voices sing tunes. You specify the melody in ABC notation. Syllables are automatically matched to the notes. Slurred notes are sung on one syllable. Usage: perl [opts] [melody] [lyrics...] (melody in abc notation, enclosed in quotes if necessary) -l file read lyrics from file -m file read melody from file -n number shift pitch by half-steps -o number shift pitch by octaves -p print tone command instead of singing -t number multiply

Offrost - software for danish dance theatre's frost performance

FROSTsoftware for a dance performance recoil performance group, fall 2009 an interactive video scenography for a recoil performance group dance performance/installation. developed with choreographer tina tarpgaard and programmers ole kristensen and jonas jongejan. Descriptionworking with the talented dancers of danish dance theatre, we created a universe of frozen bodies, melting ice and dripping waters. the scenography is primarily consisting of video projections in concert with andreas buhl’

Flea-servers - This project is to register the entrance for the dynamic IP servers.

Flea ServersWhy build flea serversTo the folks who want to make their work station as a simple work server, but sometimes the dynamic IP is the biggest problem ( you can also use DDNS tool to resolve your problem, but should you trust this tool?? ). What will flea servers doHelp you access your work station with dynamic IP easier and in time through the flea-servers' yellow page. Also we will provide the script for you to show your servers' IP. When will flea server be preparedWe suppose the bet