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Flazr is a Java implementation of protocols such as RTMP used for multimedia streaming. The Flazr project includes a streaming media server and related utilities.




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Red5-screenshare - An Open Source Screen Share Java application using Red5 RTMPClient

This application is a Java Webstart application that can be run from a web site without installing any desktop software and will publish your desktop screen as an RTMP video stream to a Red5 server using a standalone RTMP client and the Screen Video Codec. It also includes a Flex viewer application which can be used to remotely control the desktop. Double click the desktop screen and follow the shadow mouse pointer. You should see two mouse pointers, your real one and the remote one lagging behi

FlazrDroid - Flazr Port for Android

Flazr Port for Android

flazr - forked from flazr.com

forked from flazr.com

flazr - My development branch for flazr

My development branch for flazr


This is a fork of the Flazr library (http://flazr.com/), a Java implementation of multimedia streaming protocols, with support to (RTMP) Shared Remote Objects

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