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FLAX is a lightweight XML Socket Server. Designed with Flash client applications in mind it provides powerful infrastructure for bidirectional client-to-server, server-to-client and peer-to-peer messaging via XML.




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Flaxcode - Project to develop an open source enterprise search engine

FlaxFlax is a project to develop an open source enterprise search engine application based on the Xapian search engine library, and the Xappy interface built on top of Xapian. DownloadYou can now download a pre-release packaged version of Flax for Windows, Flax Basic. You can also download an alpha version of the Flax Search Service, a Web Service interface to Flax, and some example clients. The packages are available on the right of this page ('Featured downloads'). Developers are welcome to ch

Xappy - A Python module providing an easy-to-use layer on top of the Xapian search engine

XappyThe "xappy" python module is an easy-to-use interface to the Xapian search engine. Xapian provides a low level interface, dealing with terms and documents, but not really worrying about where terms come from, or how to build searches to match the way in which data has been indexed. In contrast, "xappy" allows you to design a field structure, specifying what kind of information is held in particular fields, and then uses this field structure to index data appropriately, and to build and perf

flax - flax.fi sources

flax.fi sources

flax - flax (dMVC)

flax (dMVC)


A pong rip off made using Blitz3d

flaxe - Flash haXe library (AS3).

Flash haXe library (AS3).