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A 3d mesh unwrapping tool, useful for generating undistorted uv texture coordinates for complex shapes. Also can be used with a plugin to gimp to use gimp tools applied through the 3d view to modify the associated 2d image.




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3ds-max-exporter-plugin - 3DS Max Exporter Plug-in

This project was developed with 3DS Max 9 SDK in C++, Visual Studio 2005. This exporter plug-in is aimed to export 3D mesh data from 3DS Max into a predefined file format. These mesh data includes vertices, texture, normals, skeletal animation, etc. The project was kinda old and becoming a legacy. I developed it in 2009, but never have any update since that. Recently, I am more and more realizing the importance of being open source. So this is why after such a long time I decided to upload it on