Flasm - a Flash bytecode assembler

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Flasm is an assembler/disassembler for Flash actionscript bytecode. Using flasm, script authors may learn how actionscript compiler and Flash Player virtual machine work, and tweak the compiled bytecode in SWF files for performance.




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Mikrokosmos - mk is a pure-php classes collection for swf files: create/edit/content report

mikrokosmos is an experimental php project that require no extensions but zlib, compatible with php4 and 5. some features: - xml content report - vector inkscape svg to swf conversion - deconstruct swf - build swf from scratch, use as assets to embed in mtasc/haxe/flex - tiny avm1 disassembler/assembler, compatibile with flasm

As3c - ActionScript 3 ASM compiler

DeprecatedAs3c is no longer in development. Checkout Apparat instead. It includes a more advanced and robust inline assembler plus tons of other features.As3cAs3c is a bytecode compiler for the AVM2 written in C#. FeaturesIt allows you to... compile inline assemlber instructions written in in ActionScript 3 while maintining full debugging capabilities. compile pure bytecode into a precompiled output format. inject precompiled files into a SWF by replacing or creating methods. As3c works great wi

flasm - Flasm - assembler/disassembler of Flash ActionScript bytecode

Flasm - assembler/disassembler of Flash ActionScript bytecode