Flash File Player

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Flash File Player is a free software that you can watch any flash movies.




Related Projects

OSFLV - Embeddable FLV Player

The OS FLV Player is an Open Source, embeddable player for Flash native video files. The player provides a large amount of options that can be changed in the embed code. It supports SWF and FLV file types.

Lightspark - modern flash player implementation

Lightspark is a modern, open source, flash player implementation written from scratch following the SWF file format specifications released by Adobe. Lightspark main target is supporting newer Flash versions (9/10) and ActionScript 3.0 while being efficient leveraging the capabilities of modern hardware such as heavy parallel processing and programmable video cards.

Wsus Package Publisher

Wsus Package Publisher allows you to publish your own updates as MSI, MSP or EXE files. Hence, you can deploy application like Adobe Reader, Java, Flash player.

Zanmantou - a skinable flash music/video player for your own website

The player can be easily included in your own webpage.MP3 files can be added to the configuration XML file.The skin can be changed by your own graphics.

Mp-iplayer - iPlayer interface for mediaportal 1.0

iplayer interface for mediaportal using buildin player for flash file. Playing flash file from the bbc iplayer website already completed. Interface pretty much complete for BBC FLA_PLAYER now allows play, pause through remote control (shortcuts) on fullscreen --Working on Live streams. --Cleaning up Requested Features List: HD Content Live sport. Pick Shows ...maybe Genre. Doubt actual individual shows. Other Channels (ITV, 4, 5 and Hulu-Usa) Alpha Available. Feel free to raise issues regarding

Fillflashdrive - A small ruby script to fill a flash drive or mp3 player with random songs from your

Fill Flash Drive is a script I wrote to fill a USB flash drive with random songs from a music collection. It could be used for any device that is mountable (like mp3 players that support drag and drop/USB mass storage). The user can either have the script fill the drive until it is full, or copy a specific number of songs. It also can run mp3gain on the files after copy to normalize the volume. If desired, it can clear out the flash drive before filling.

Nanoserv - PHP/Javascript/Flash based home server framework. Includes a remote media player and cont

PHP/Javascript/Flash based home server framework. Includes a remote media player and controller, and a section to list your network's computers and services. Uses Jeroen Wijering's JW FLV Media Player for media playback, jQuery for Javascript, and Cory S.N. LaViska's PHP File Tree. NanoServ is not related to nanoserv, the sockets daemon toolkit for PHP.

Audio-music-player - Audio Music Player for Web Pages

Playing sounds like Midi, mp3 and Real Media requires plugins in all browsers. Flash players play some media files. This project experiments with ways to play sound in web pages which can work in all the browsers. The Audio player Gadget uses the embed tag and works with browsers using the plugins with the supporting multimedia players like Quicktime and Real Player. This Gadget code is also an example of changing skins using css and storing skin setting in cookies. It also has an integrated and

Flashcanvas - An implementation of the HTML5 Canvas API for Internet Explorer

DescriptionFlashCanvas is a JavaScript library which adds the HTML5 Canvas support to Internet Explorer. It renders shapes and images via Flash drawing API, and in many cases, runs faster than other similar libraries which use VML or Silverlight. If you need a more sophisticated version of FlashCanvas, FlashCanvas Pro, that supports almost all Canvas APIs, is also available. For more information about FlashCanvas Pro, please visit FlashCanvas website. RequirementsMicrosoft Internet Explorer Adob

Swfupload - JavaScript & Flash Upload Library

IntroductionSWFUpload is a JavaScript Library that wraps the Flash Player's upload function. It brings your uploads to the next level with Multiple File Selection, Upload Progress and Client-side File Size Checking. Unlike other Flash upload tools, SWFUpload leaves the UI in the developer's hands. Using a set of event handlers developers can display upload progress and status to the user in their own HTML/CSS UI. SWFUpload has been featured in such projects as YouTube and WordPress. Project Info