Flash MX 2004 3D Engine

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OpenSource 3D Engine for Flash MX 2004: Create 3D applications using the builtin DataCube object and put your data as dynamic 3D Models into a virtual universe. Then let the viewer navigate the camera interactively through your data universe.




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研究和开�flash 3d 引擎。目�正在将代��移到Player10中. 截图:

Flash-3d - Flash-3D its an open-source code, for making 3Ds with Flash CS4++ Resources only

Flash 3D its an open-source code for making 3Ds with Flash CS4++ Resources only, the final swf file size is really lowered compared with another engines. With that you can make banners with 20kb and using the Flash CS4++ and Plus with the GPU Features of FP10, managing an really good quality and speed for low profile computers. OBS.: Its not a lame, i have removed the tabs in order to do a first release soon, only created the project now to preserve the name, tnx for your time!

Industrien - An AS3 3D Game Engine using Papervision3D

A simple 3D game engine written i AS3 (Flash ActionScript 3.0) using Papervision3D. It is not commented or documented yet, and is an early version which is used for the specific project with the working title 'Apartment', which will not published until some time in 2010. The current code might be found useful, but requires some work on the readers part. Feel free to ask questions, and please do not write complaints without a constructive angle. Project created by Casper Schjoedt Nielsen. Persona

Nd3d - ND3D is a small and lightweight AS3 3D Engine

ND3D is a simple to use AS3 3D Engine. Aimed for speed and simplicity. Target use are small 3D effects and rapid 3D testing / prototyping. The compiled size of the engine is about 10k. Features: Interactive/clickable meshes Wireframe rendering Bitmap textures Basic dynamic lighting Additive blending for materials Distance blur for meshes 3D sprites 3DS, ASE and MD2 mesh loader Animated MD2 Meshes Pixel & Linerenderer Custom renderer Apply flashfilters to meshes Built in primitives (plane, cube,

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