Flash Scrollbar Component

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- Easy to use (with video tutorial), Actionscript 3.0, Content (Movieclip, Html text, Jpg, Png, Swf), Smooth scrolling, Mouse whell, Resizeable




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Scrollbarpaper - Scrollbar Paper

This plugin is an alternative to jScrollPane As Scrollbar Paper's approach is completely different, I have decided to write a new plugin. Overview Scrollbar Paper does not replace browser's default scrollbar. Instead, it covers it with a custom scrollbar, like paper on a wall: that is why it is called Scrollbar Paper :-) The benefit of this approach is that the way browser's default scrollbar behaves is not modified: mouse wheel support, text selection and scrolling performance are the same as u

Sierra-os - PHP RIA Framework

Overviewsierra-os is a PHP Rich Internet Application (RIA) user interface (UI) framework based on the sierra-php framework. sierra-os simulates a desktop UI in a browser window using only XHTML, CSS, Javascript and AJAX (no Flash, ActiveX, Java Applets, or other browser plugins are required). It provides a plugin-based archtecture for simple deployment of applications within the desktop environment. The framework itself provides the following features: Federated Search: sierra-os includes federa

Swfscroll - scrollbars for flash

A scrollbar component for flash. It can be used to make fullscreen scrollbars or to make any display object scrollable. See a working example of SWFScroll. See the AsDoc API Reference for more details. Some of the features are: Automatic resizing for fullscreen flash. A grace movement of +/-60 pixels. A scrubber that is draggable and accurately reflects the scrolling content's size even after the frame is resized. Color states to match a real scrollbar (colors can be modified in scrollBarSetting

X-krys - AS3 classes from X-Krys

This project contains classes and code related to Flash and, more specifically, ActionScript 3.0.

814flashcomponents - Handy component set for Adobe Flash. Includes a wide array of different compone

814 Flash Component Set is a wide array of Flash components to aid in Flash development. Some components include simple items like buttons, scrollbars, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc. to more advanced applications such a Sketch Pad, Dynamic MP3 Player, Dynamic Video Player, Dynamic Photo Gallery (All XML driven) and more! The project is looking for development of lots of other useful components to make Flash developing life easier for all of us!

Flashsize - Flash window size management for AS3

You have a SWF you wish to display at 100% width and height, but at smaller browser sizes, you'll need browser scrollbars because your content has a minimum viewable width and height. Enter FlashSize - Simply call: import com.spikything.utils.FlashSize;FlashSize.setup(minWidth, minHeight);

Ypmitsutilities - My own utilities finally in one spot

Ypmits' UtilitiesThese is my utilities-repository. Most stuff here is generic and is constantly developped (i.e. it still changes a lot). It contains simple stuff like a genericContent-container, a scrollbar, a 3d-rotatable-cube etc. It's in the very early stages of alpha... so use it @ yer own risk.

Fcomponentshx - Set of lightweight, skinnable components for haXe targetting flash8 & flash9

What is it ?FComponents is a set of useful and skinnable components for haXe : FLabel FTextInput FButton FCheckButton FRadioButton FListView FComboBox FProgressBar The components are very simple to use. The project is open-sources and it's an alpha version. But the components are working correctly, are cross-flash-version (lol) (run on both Flash 8 and Flash 9) and are full skinnable thanks to SWFMill (support PNG, bitmap scale9Grid) Don't worry, I'll stop this once AsWING will be ported to haXe

Ralcr - Haxe crossplatform framework for development of web and mobile applications

sdk.ralcr is a framework for development of web, native mobile and desktop applications in Haxe. Targets: Flash HTML5 NME (which includes Flash, HTML5, Mac, iPhone, Android, Windows...) Flash and HTML5 applications are slightly different than the ones created by NME. In NME, assets are embeded in the swf and you can work with them in a sync way. However, this framework introduces a small delay in order to work with them in an async way and keep the same code. Packages: CoreAnimation - Animation