the flakes screen saver

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Based on user choices, quot;snow flakesquot; fall from the top of the screen. flakes is based on FuzzyFlakes for Linux and has a configuration utility that makes it highly customizable.



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A two-tiered project, building a skateboarding games engine on top of a platform abstraction layer and math library called Flake, intended to play a similar role to XNA but designed differently. The games design is to focus on the feeling of speed and momentum rather than technical details or elaborate tricks. Built on C#/.NET/Mono with full open source and exporters for Blender, OpenShred is designed to be modified to make it your game too.

pyflakes-vim - on the fly Python checking in Vim with PyFlakes

on the fly Python checking in Vim with PyFlakes


Flake is an open-source FLAC audio encoder.

vim-flake8 - Flake8 plugin for Vim

Flake8 plugin for Vim


A decentralized, k-ordered id generation service in Erlang

Applicationwiki - a anti ruby-on-rails framework that lets users define the experience

An application wiki is designed to encourage ordinary users to develop a literacy in building real applications. In the same way that Wikipedia allows users to collaborate on text, the hope is that an application wiki would let users collaborate on not just words but real behavior. The framework is loosely based on Ruby on Rails but uses a component pattern where users can author new components and inherit functionality of existing components. The current framework provides a number of simple ap

Sunland-1 - My own Proj

There will be several products of my own

Flake-cms - Flake -- Simple Website Content Management in Ruby on Rails

Flake is a simple content management system for websites, written in Ruby On Rails. It's main feature is administrative interface integrated right into the web page itself, radically simplifiying the administration process for users. It differs from usual content management/administration systems in allowing unlimited 'text elements' on the webpage (not a huge chunk of HTML inside the page), attached files and images. The preview-version will be available for download and testing in couple of we


Anaconda turns your Sublime Text 3 in a full featured Python development IDE including autocompletion, code linting, IDE features, autopep8 formating, McCabe complexity checker and Vagrant for Sublime Text 3 using Jedi, PyFlakes, pep8, PyLint, pep257 and McCabe that will never freeze your Sublime Text 3

Znc-msvc - ZNC (an advanced IRC bouncer), now available for Microsoft Windows!

8 November 2011: ZNC 0.202 for Windows is now available for download! 20 March 2012: ZNC 0.204 for Windows will be out soon! A GUI + tray icon is finally in the works! IntroductionZNC is an advanced IRC bouncer with many features, including support for loadable modules and a sleek web interface. Unfortunately, it doesn't run on Microsoft Windows out of the box. And that is why this project has been started - to bring the best IRC bouncer out there to Windows (server) users! You'll always find a