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Text::FixedWidth is a Perl module that provides a simple object-oriented interface to parse and manipulate fixed column-width text files. The module currently exposes three public methods: new, print_all, and select_distinct.




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Pystp - A Python extension module for STP

PySTP is a Python extension module that interfaces with STP, a decision procedure for the theory of fixed-width bitvectors and arrays. PySTP enables Python scripts to use STP.

Fixedwidthfileviewer - A tool for making fixed-width files easier for humans to read

FixedWidthFileViewer is a relatively simple .NET 2.0 application that allows the user to define a savable file format and then parses a source file against that schema, displaying the results in a format that is easy for humans to read.

Sdarray - Succinct Data Structure for Sparse Arrays and Intergers

sdarray is C++ library for managing sparse arrays and intergers. SDarray uses a succinct data structure originally proposed in 1. SDarray is different from the original work in the following points; - Uses a select query only on a fixed-width dense array. - Uses a engineered select operations. 1 "Practical Entropy-Compressed Rank/Select Dictionary", D. Okanohara and K. Sadakane., In the Proceedings of ALENEX 2007

SoftwareBotany.Ivy String Utils w/ Quoted Delimited (CSV) & Fixed-Width Parsers

The Software Botany Ivy project is a library containing various string utilities. Included in the library are fluent APIs for parsing and creating quoted delimited and fixed-width positional text. For example, quoted CSV such as that used by Microsoft Excel is supported. The ...

Gmail-greasemonkey - Gmail Greasemonkey Scripts

Various Greasemonkey scripts that enhance Gmail: For the new version of GmailMacros: adds more keyboard shortcuts (navigating to and applying labels, archiving, etc.) more info For the old version of GmailConversation Preview: shows a preview bubble with a conversation contents while viewing the list of messages (i.e. without requiring navigation to another page) - more info Fixed Font Toggle: adds a font toggle button so that messages can be viewed in a fixed-width font more info Label Colors:

Ducks-on-rails - Process and visualize ringed bird captures.

For my master thesis research on duck migration I created a set of scripts to process and visualize the data. Ducks are captured, given a ring and then released. Days or years later the duck is found again and reported. Information such as age, cause of death, geographical location is added. Note: I moved the source code to Github, but other information will remain here. Many countries keep a database with many different bird species that were ringed in their country. My research focussed on duc

Cuxna - application to display the quizes from the book "SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java

cuxna is a Java application designed to practice for the SCJP (Sun Certified Java Professional) exam. It is meant as a free and open source alternative to the Windows application included with the excellent book "SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Study Guide" by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates. It works by reading the quiz data that is stored as FoxPro dbf files. The project stem from my frustration for the shortcomings of the provided application, and it has also been a good way to make some

Moduliq - Lightweight modular, liquid web CMS. Requires no DB.

ModuLiq -- Modular, Liquid, Web CMSModular ModuLiq is modular. The web pages are made up of various pieces, such as a header, footer, menu, etc. Change a module, such as your header or footer, and all your pages that use that module will be updated at the same time. Liquid Moduliq is liquid. Web pages flow to fill the user's browser window, no matter what the size or resolution is. FeaturesModular, But CustomEvery part of a ModuLiq page has a default. For example, footer.txt is the default foote

Forensie - Forensie the Google Wave Forensic Robot

Since Google Wave is scheduled to be completely decommissioned on April 30, 2012. Because Forensie depends on Wave to be fully functional, this project will only continue to be useful for the MBR, VBR, and hex interpretation/display functionality. OverviewThis project is an implementation of a Google Wave Robot designed to perform very basic file forensic analysis. The ultimate purpose of its creation is to evaluate Wave's potential to accomplish more sophisticated tasks in digital forensics ana

Pdb-tools - A set of tools for manipulating and doing calculations on wwPDB macromolecule structure

Introductionpdb-tools is a set of command line python scripts that manipulate wwPDB macromolecule structure files. There are many programs, both open source and proprietary, that perform similar tasks; however, most of these tools are buried within programs of larger functionality. Thus, relatively simple calculations often involve learning a new program, compiling modules, and installing libraries. To fill a niche (and get the tasks done that I needed done), I started writing my own toolset. Th