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Tim Peters' + Write docs for the Library Reference manual. I expect the existing module docstring will be a good start. + Create a test driver for Python's regression suite. + Have fun modernizing it, if you like (for example,



Related Projects

Droop - Droop STV election-counting framework

Droop is a Python-based framework for implementing single transferable vote (STV) counting rules. It allows rules to be implemented in such a way that the the logic is self-contained and can be seen to implement the rule's legislative or other formal requirements. Droop includes support for fixed-point, guarded fixed-point (quasi-exact) and rational arithmetic. It currently supports variations on Meek, Warren and WIGM rules, including PR Foundation reference rules, as well as Scotland's and Minn

Q3ce - Quake 3 for Windows CE

Q3CE is a port of id Software's Quake 3 first person shooter to the Windows CE platform. Runs on Windows PPC2003, and partially works on Windows Mobile 5. Supports hardware acceleration on the Dell Axim x51v, otherwise software rendering is used. A retail Quake III CD is required to play. Ported by Christien Rioux of Noctemware. Extensive modifications were made to Quake 3 in order to run well on the ARM CPU and Windows CE platform, including a conversion to use fixed-point math. Intro Cinematic

C-lang-digital-filter-optimization - This is a Java application that helps you convert digital filte

This is a Java NetBeans application that converts digital filters from floating-point to fixed-point. The following conditions must be met: Filter structure: Direct-Form I Coefficients must be constant The interval of the filter input must be known a priori NOTE: The source and the executable file will be available in short time. Published/presented materialAdvances in Electrical and Computer Engineering > Digital filter optimization for C language (BARLEANU, A., BAITOIU, V., STAN, A.) DOI: 10.4

Fgl - Flatmush/Fixed-Point Graphics Library

This is a small fast fixed point graphics library with an interface similar to OpenGL. It is cross-platform and performs translation and rendering into an RGB565 buffer. This project is dependent on libfixmath, and is utilized by the Dingoo SDK. Currently the only samples on how to use this are included as part of the Dingoo SDK but hopefully this will change as the project branches, the library itself only just renders to a rectangular RGB565 buffer and so is completely platform independent. Fo

Shine Fixed-pt MP3 Encoder Library

Port of Pete Everett Fixed-Point RISC-OS port of Gabriel Bouvigne's (LAME) lightweight MP3 encoder to StrongARM Linux GCC. Port includes a library and example app that converts WAV to MP3. Tested on EZX with dev-ezx and x86_64 Linux.

Fixed-point-library-for-cplusplus - A Simple Fixed Point C++ Library.

A Fixed Point number is a number with a fixed number of digits before and after the decimal (also called radix) point. A fixed point number can be represented as binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal or any other number format. Library Requirements:Stage 1:The Fixed Point Library should be as generic as possible with respect to the compiler/hardware it is run on. The Fixed Point Library should implement all basic arithmetic operators which are available for built in data-types (used for computatio

Ica - adaptive fixed-point ica algorithm

adaptive fixed-point ica algorithm

Fixed-point-physics - A physics engine using fixed point numbers

A simple 2d physics engine that uses fixed point number rather then floats to increase performance on devices that don't have a math processor (such as most ARM devices)

Isomon - C/C++ library for money and ISO 4217 currency codes

isomonLightweight value type C++ classes to represent real quantities of money and world currencies defined by ISO 4217. The money class contains a fixed-point numerical value and a currency denomination, together fitting into 64 bits (same size as C double). The numerical "point" is floating across different currencies, automatically adjusting the numerical precision to the the smallest unit of real money per the ISO 4217 currency. is a distribution of the documentati

Fpmath - Fixed Point Math Library

A little C++ library providing fixed point math. Documentation can be found at or in the doc folder once you've downloaded the project.