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Fitter is a .NET-specific framework modeled after Fit, the Framework for Integrated Tests. It allows you to write your tests in Microsoft Word and also includes a GUI test runner to make running the tests as easy and convenient as possible.



Related Projects

Genetic Algorithm File Fitter

Genetic Algorithm File Fitter, GAFFitter for short, is a tool based on a genetic algorithm (GA) that tries to fit a collection of items, such as files/directories, into as few as possible volumes of a specific size (e.g. CDs or DVDs).

Hermitecurvefitting - A curve Fitter using Hermite Interpolant

An interpolation method that uses Hermite Interpolants to fit data

Agpy - Adam Ginsburg's python codes

A collection of astronomy-related python codes. API documentation I tried to change the hosting to mercurial, but was unable to convert the wiki to hg. Since there are many important comments on the wiki and issues pages, I elected to give up. I'm unhappy with this situation, so tips are welcome. MATURE CODE:readcol - ASCII column-reading code. More powerful than IDL's readcol: has the ability to read a data table with labeled columns as a dict. This code is now mostly superceded by atpy and asc

Bra-fitter - iGoogle gadget with bra fitter

iGoogle gadget with bra fitter

car-share project

CarShareCarShare is a software project designed to connect people who travel between cities. It's purpose is that everybody, who owns a car or any other vehicle can offer his free seats in his vehicle publicly to other people, which will travel on the same route. When anybody needs to travel somewhere, he can look up a registered user in our application which will go the same way in the same time. It will be even possible to communicate with other users, to negotiate the terms, departure time, e

gaffitter - gaffitter - Genetic Algorithm File Fitter

gaffitter - Genetic Algorithm File Fitter

garefl - genetic algorithm based reflectometry fitter

genetic algorithm based reflectometry fitter