FIT Runner

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Eclipse plug-in for FIT



Related Projects

Prefontaine - An enhanced FIT test runner

This project is intended to be an enhancement to FitRunner. Some goals are: 1) making it easier to find failed tests (by not printing passing test results to the console / showing failed tests above other results in the html report) 2) faster execution 3) integration into IntelliJ - in particular an easy way to run a single test

Fit4delphi - FIT (Framework for integrated testing) implemented in Delphi

fit4delphi is a Delphi port of Ward Cunningham's FIT framework, see Based on partial ports done by Salim Nair and Martin Chernenkoff. The idea is to allow FIT tests for Borland Delphi and Borland C++ Builder classes. Please visit FIT's introduction to understand, what FIT is all about. Delphi FIT Server for FitNesse (for Win32/Win64) Contains support for the following fixtures Column Fixture Row Fixture Action Fixture Table Fixture Row Entry Fixture Links: ProjectStatus Techni

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