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fit-gui is a .NET frontend for executing Fit tests. For more information about Fit tests see



Related Projects

Data Crow

The ultimate cataloguer


A GUI Frontend to IzPack built with Java Swing to create an installer for your application. Installers are cross-platform, multi-language and very versatile to fit your needs.

eLynx Image Processing SDK and Lab

Windows amp; Linux image processing tools. Supports multi-core, 8 to 64-bit resolutions for grey,RGB,HLS,CIE Lab and Bayer images. Handles dng,tiff,fits,jpg,j2k,png and raw file formats. eLynx lab is a GUI application based on wxWidgets amp; eLynx SDK.

Xylic-engine - 3rd generating Cube engine

Xylic aims to be the 3rd version of the Cube engine. It aims to provide new features, but mainly to rewrite the code to fit modern standards and use preexisting libraries for functionality. Currently planned libraries to use: OGRE for rendering Bullet for physics MyGUI for GUI cAudio for audio ENet for networking OIS for input Status: Planning

Resize-image - Resize a given image (e.g. shrink an image)

Easy tool for resizing an image or group of images at once. This is a little console application. The aim of the program is to be useful and easy at simple tasks such as shrinking a image in order to keep it fit (or to reduce amount of disk space). The application can operate with one simple image as well as with a directory containing several images. In the near future I'm going to build a GUI for this tool.

Yarara - a simple RDBMS based File System

Our goal is to develop a simple RDBMS File System with Python and SQLObject/SQLAlchemy that will fit in any relational database supported by these ORM's. Yarará will work like a black box without any GUI on server. At this moment, we are looking for ways to share the core with another procecess. We will include PGP encryption and SSL in order to increase security and privacy.

Possumcam - Web GUI for Kenneth Lavrsen's motion detection program written entirely in Python. A

Linux is increasingly being used for embedded systems, and surveillance systems are natural fits due to Linux's security, ability to be customized, and cost. This is a web front-end for Kenneth Lavrsen's motion detection program. It's written entirely in Python, and uses nothing more than my Lumenn library and your system's cron daemon to show live pictures, recycle videos, and report system status. Plans are to add a GUI on the local machine using pygtk later, but for now, remote access is key.


PajFit (Parallel Job Fit) is simple simulator for scheduling parallel jobs. It has a GUI to see the scheduling output. It supports rigid and moldable jobs, as well as advance reservations and jobs with hard deadlines.

Krono Junior GUI - KR Jr GUI

KR Jr GUI is a light-fast GUI for old PCs It can run even in a 386 with 1mb RAM and no HD It fits on a diskette! Recycle your old PC!

Treesimj - A flexible, forward-time population genetic simulator

TreesimJ is a forward-time simulator of an evolving population that tracks the evolutionary tree of the entire population. The application offers an intuitive GUI, a variety of pre-configured models of fitness, mutation, and demography, and a suite of data collectors that analyze the population and emit data to one or more sources. To the user, TreesimJ offers a simple, easy to use interface, a variety of interchangeable 'models' describing many aspects of the evolving population, and many ways