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Fit based framework for testing rules (systems that use a rules engine such as ILog JRules or Drools). For test driven rule-set development. This makes use of the JSR-94 rule engine API.



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Agentsmithplugin - Code style validation plugin for ReSharper

Agent Smith PluginAgent Smith is C# code style validation plugin for ReSharper (Visual Studio plugin). Any additions to the plugin with features you need are welcome. Donations are also gratefully welcome :) Current version 1.4.3 (11/07/2010) includes following features:Naming convention validation. XML comment validation. Spell checking (XML comments, string literals, identifiers and resource files). Smart paste. Comment reflowing (Basic reflowing of XML comments for now) Naming Conventions.Plu

Domainmodelvalidator - .NET Validation Framework

PROJECT SUSPENDED OverviewI did some research into validation frameworks whilst working on an ASP.NET MVC project and could not find one that fit my needs.I decided to do what developers do best - write yet another framework.The purpose of this project is to create a lightweight .NET validation framework that enables to following scenario: Given the following domain object representation: public class Customer{ public string Name { get; set; } public string Email { get; set; } public string Date

Dil - A compiler for the D programming language

PurposeDIL is a hand-crafted compiler implementation for the D programming language written in D v2 using the Tango standard library. The lexer and the parser are fully implemented. Semantic analysis is being worked on. The backend will most probably be LLVM. StatusDIL shines at generating documentation from source files. Semantic analysis is very difficult. Only a little bit of it exists in DIL. Binaries cannot be generated yet. News2012/04/15: Finished porting DIL to D version 2. The code just

Super-fast-cell-automata - Cell Automata Library (2D)

C++, Cellular Automata 2011-12-29 Review of project. To do, port it out of vc c++ code, into gcc with opengl. Remove all vc related files and code. OverviewThis is fast lightweight library for 2D cellular automata generation (for example, Conway's game of life). It's meant to use a very small memory footprint and to be faster than any other engine I could find. Also standardizes the definition of a CA set of rules (there are 2^512 possible 2D CA, of which Conway's game of life is only one. Imple

Rssfilter - Sits in your taskbar and filters articles from multiple RSS feeds.

RSS Filter is a program that sits in your taskbar and periodically sifts through your favorite RSS feeds for words or phrases of interest to you. It is capable of simultaneously adding and removing articles from feeds based on supplied keywords. This program was something I wrote for myself to keep up with scientific journals such as PRL or the arxiv (cond-mat), but it works just as well with any other RSS feed. Currently it works in Windows and Linux (Ubuntu binaries), and it is written in the