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An open version of the game engine that drives the games Myst and Riven.



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Thecopernicusproject - Modification for Unreal Tournament 3

The Copernicus Project is a team-oriented, class-based third person/first person shooter utilizing Unreal Engine 3 and being distributed as a modification through Unreal Tournament 3. The game pits two opposing teams against each other, the team-oriented, gun wielding Spec Ops soldiers, and the solo, magic-wielding Templar Monks. Templar Technologies, a large multi-national corporation discovers a fissure that contains the Earth's essence, or 'mana', deep in the heart of Madagascar. They secretl

fissure - Visualization application for BOSS / INIT

Visualization application for BOSS / INIT


A 3D exploration game written in WebGL and Javascript. Requires the Foam library.