Fish Tank

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Social networking site for Aquarium enthusiasts.



Related Projects

Carassius - Application to manage fish tanks

What is Carassius?The purpose of this application is to manage one or multiple fish tanks. The goal of this application is to manage fishes, plants, water parameters, pictures and notes of fish tanks. Like it? LanguagesCarassius is now only available in dutch. Carassius will support English in the future. Blog

Fishtank-for-android - Fishtank for Android

Porting the famous :p Google Desktop gadget into a cool mobile app

Window View

The Window View Application is a realization of Fishtank VR in the NASA World Wind Java SDK. It comes along with a simple 3D objects editor and facilitates the Wii Remote for head tracking.

Webglsamples - Various WebGL Samples

A place to host and work on some WebGL sample applications. Feel free to contribute if you want. Looking for the Google IO Samples? Google I/O 2011 WebGL Techniques and Performance Samples Aquarium By Greggman and Human Engines You can also run the Aquarium synced across multiple machines. See here for more info. Blob By Henrik Rydgård Caves by Jasmine Kent Langridge Collectibles By Human Engines Color Adjust By Greggman Dynamic Cubemap By Greggman Electricflower By Henrik Rydgård Field By Gre

Cgf09-fishtank - fishtank for 3d graphics course

fishtank using opengl written in c++, for a 3d graphics course

Fishtank-refilled - Add a touch of nature to your sidebar

The FishTank now has more fishes then ever. From time to time, they tell you some nice quotes. It now automatically searches for new messages online (and as time passes new messages will be added), so you'll never get bored :) You can also make the animations smoother by clicking on the 'Start/Stop smooth animation' button in the gadget menu + your fish never die - better then the usual fish tank, right?

Fishes - A fish tank game

Users will have a virtual fish tank to take care of similar to Fish World on Facebook. You will be required to feed your fish, take care of them. Features include buying scenery, fish and leveling.

Arduinothinktank - Arduino Controlled Aquarium Project

Use an arduino processor card to manage basic freshwater tank operation. Full veiw of project is located on my website. Just added a BMP of the circuit diagram