Fis - data movement compiler

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Dataflow based compiler, for the purpose of simplifying data transfers to and from an IBM Cell/CBEA SPU processor elements.



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jFuzzyLogic is a java implementation of a Fuzzy Logic software package. It implements a complete Fuzzy inference system (FIS) as well as Fuzzy Control Logic compliance (FCL) according to IEC 61131-7 (formerly 1131-7).


fis-frameworkVery beta. Now it's backup for my drafts.

Py-pn-fis-ucm-2011 - pyPNfisUCM2011 academic project

pyPNfisUCM2011 is a project related to the lesson "Python como calculadora científica" ("python as a scientific calculator" in spanish), which is a part of a bachelor degree.

Jrcp - Java Remote Copy Client

jrcp is a Java implementation of the client-side remote copy protocol (rcp), supporting reading and writing single remote files. It uses the rsh protocol implementation of the Apache Commons Net library. Usage import com.googlecode.jrcp.RemoteFile; RemoteFile remoteFile = new RemoteFile("hostname", "remote_user", "/path/to/remote_file"); File localFile = new File("/path/to/local_file"); // copy remote file to local file OutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream(localFile); try { remoteFile.copyTo(


S.i.r. F.i.s. is a (Simple Instant Remote File Information Server) that will allow you to upload and download files to amp; from the computer running sirfis from Internet Explorer. Its written in C# (C Sharp) and has a easy to use GUI interface.

Distro-sys-09 - Music room distributed system.

The system is installed in the Music room where anybody can play music of his/her choice choosing from a list of available tracks using a mobile device. There is a central server which handles communication. This server can connect to various music repositories in proximity. Within proximity of the server there is one or more Hi-Fis which act as a audio playing services. People within relative proximity to the server may then be given a service to view the music stored on the repository(ies). Th

Job-online-engine - The engine for Flexible Information System (FIS)

Demo site: The project include 2 separate modules:Job Finding Engine and Job Database. The first part is back-end engine, run autonomously and do data-mining tasks base on predefined criteria, powered by Search-Lucene-Engine. The front-end is Job On-line Website (Powered By PHP CodeIgniter Framework). This is project is sponsored by DRD.( Presentation & Ideas

Chess-ia-project - Jeu d'échec avec IA

Les échecs ont constitué l'un des premiers défis pour les développeurs informatiques. En 1995, IBM n’a pas hésité à investir très lourdement dans le projet Deep Blue. La seconde monture de ce projet, en 1997, sera la première machine à battre un champion du monde dans un match faisant appel à un contrôle de temps traditionnel. A l’heure actuelle c’est un marché relativement stable qui vise deux publics distincts : - Les joueurs professionnels : Ce sont des applications de haut

GT.M Programmierhandbuch deutsch

Deutsche Handbuchuuml;bersetzung zur GT.M-Datenbank (