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Fireworks is the open source installer project. The project's goal is to provide an open source alternative to expensive packages such as InstallShield. The project provides a GUI as well as a .NET object model to ease the creation of MSI packages.



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Firework-masher - Fireworks and piano sounds for a toddler

Your toddler can mash on the keyboard to see fireworks and listen to piano sounds.

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A web site with all javascripts /css/images e.t.c Include tech of jquey,csshack,fireworks,web image design,php zend framework.

Firework-php - Set your PHP scripts on fire.

Firework is a free class collection written by Gerald Schittenhelm, that unifies, simplifies and expands the native language PHP. With Firework you can easily deal with multi-language support, recurring string operations, captchas, files, error handling, dates, date conversion and date comparison, HTTP response operations, e-mails including attachments and HTML formatting, databases and much more. As mentioned above, Firework is just a collection of common solutions to common problems. It is NOT

Tw-qvm - TremWars QVM

SVN FeaturesThis wiki page shows changes made to Lakitu7's QVM introduced in TremWars QVM. Up-to-date as of SVN 39. Administrator Commands!adminlog Output a log of administrator commands used throughout the current map. !drop Silently drop a player from the server with a 'Disconnect' message. !fireworks Play the current maps ending animation (e.g. fireworks in ATCS). !flag Grant a player rights to a flag. !ghost Remove previous instances of yourself from the server. !listmaps Output a list of ma

Dontmakemetest - Intellij IDEA plugin Fireworks: helps TDDers to run junit tests.

Please visit IntelliJ Plugin Repository to download newest version We all know about the following steps : Quickly add a test. Run all tests and see the new one fail. Make a little change. Run all tests and see them all succeed. Refactor to remove duplication. How about these? Quickly add a test. Take a break or review the code. IDE tells me that there is new test fail. Make a little change. Take a break or review the code. IDE tells me all tests succeed. Refactor to remove duplication. Take a d

Animated Fireworks

An Interactive Animated Fireworks Network. We're building an interactive fireworks display app that lets users from accross the internet enjoy fireworks from the safety of their computer. Multiple web sites will host this application and there will always be someone to enjoy...

Mqfox - Macquarie University Website Greasemonkey Hacks

A collection (currently only containing one script) of greasemonkey scripts to fix problems and usability issues of Macquarie University's websites: Moodle Mahara Blackboard eStudent others? Download Instruction: Make sure Greasemonkey is installed Download Greasemonkey should prompt to install the script, follow the usual Greasemonkey install process The project is in pre-alpha stage, if the script wiped out your harddisk and produced f


Cropper is a screen capture utility written in C#. It makes it fast and easy to grab parts of your screen. Use it to easily crop out sections of vector graphic files such as Fireworks without having to flatten the files or open in a new editor. Use it to easily capture parts o...