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This is a small and simple game imitating the old classical pocket games, especially the quot;firemenquot; one, where hotel customers jump to escape a fire...



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Jade-te - Multi-agent system simulator for coordinate policemen, firemen and ambulances

The aim of this project is to coordinate effectively and efficiently the activities of the policemen, firemen and ambulances in order to cope with the effects of a disaster on a city.

Mtarpg - Raymon & Pim's Game

MTA:RPGRaymon & Pim's Game This is a server made by Raymon and Pim. This is a RPG server in which you can become a cop, medic, firemen, or more. Go to the police station to apply for a job as a police officer, or go to the club to try become a pimp. You can even get promoted: if you have done a good job as a police officer, you could try to apply at the FBI. It is a highly realistic server (as far as realism can go in GTA) with a lot of options. You could try robbing someone for money, but then