Mozilla Firefox 64-bit build for Linux

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Mozilla Firefox 3.5.5 Shiretoko 64-bit build for 64-bit Linux systems with the 64-bit Adobe Flash Player 10 plugin integrated. Simply untar and run!



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Based on Ubuntu 13.04 64bit with Gnome 3.8 and Cairo-Dock 3.2.1

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DebEX Barebone 64bit Linux Live DVD is based on Debian Jessie

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forklabs >> forklabs-javaxpcom The forklabs-javaxpcom open source project provides the skeleton to build a web crawler using Mozilla and SWT. IntroductionGetting StartedDOM InteractionDownloadDependenciesCompatibilityAcknowledgement IntroductionThe Crawler is designed to painlessly navigate to web pages and wait for them to load and to give access to the underlying document using JavaXPCOM. The source code includes an example Crawler that will come to this page and read the label on each of the

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WindmillD was created as a simple solution to the need for continuous test running on multiple machines on your network, but also the ability for specific jobs to be queued, run and reported on. The server is written in Python using SocketServer and has been tested on MacOSX 10.5, Ubuntu (32 and 64 bit) and Windows XP. Browser launching and clean up supports Firefox 3, Safari 3, IE 6 and IE 7. The server depends on a working local installation of the Windmill Testing Framework. The configuration


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Google-gears-firefox-linux-64bit - Google Gears Addon for FireFox on Linux 64bit

this is the build of Google Gears Addon for FireFox 3.5+ on Linux 64bit it will be updated as it's possible to the latest build. latest build ( 08-01-2010 ):

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IntroductionA Java library to auto detect the platform network proxy settings. The library provides some proxy setting search strategies to read the proxy settings from the system config (Windows, KDE, Gnome, OSX), browser config (Firefox, IE), or environment variables, ... and provides you an ready to use proxy selector. Java wants to be "The Internet Programming" language and wants to stay relevant for desktop applications / the RIA market. This can only be achieved with painless out of the bo

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This project is a dedication to all my works in progress. TDParser is an XML Parser for the FireFox plugin called TamperData. TamperData allows you to modify web browser parameters when surfing web pages, and this plugin takes that data and does something with it. First, it can print the data out and put it into a character delimited format, for export into a spread sheet. FiddlerParser is parser for fiddler archives. Fiddler is a web proxy for Windows, and it again allows data to be modified an

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Effo Home | Core | Add-ons | Framework | GPLed | Reports What's NewBug Fixing: 2009Dec05, Fixed a critial bug which causes CPU always busy - in codebase/addons/net/src/core/thrd.cpp, function CEpollThrd::OnRun() - by sleeping a short while if the queue is empty. See Download Effo NetMsg part of this page for following new item(s) details: 1. Effo NetMsg Milestone (Latest v0.1b6) - netmsg.tar.bz2 2. Effo NetMsg Framework Samples (Latest v0.1b6) - netmsg_framework.samples.tar.bz2 3. Effo Network a

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This project contains code from following projects: curl-7.19.7 TinyXml 2.5.3 PolarSSL 0.12.1 (Base64 only) Build prerequisities: Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 with February 2003 Platform SDK Gecko SDK This library is available as a MSVS 6.0 project only. It should compile and run fine under 32-bit Windows XP and Vista. Have fun! -- Libor