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Fireflier is a firewall tool, which is built on top of the iptables framework. You can create rules based on single incoming network packets or simply allow/deny single packets to pass. This project is discontinued. (see homepage)



Related Projects

Crossfire (Webbased Firefly client)

Crossfire is a Firefly Media Server ( client initially written for the Apple iPhone/touch but now supports a whole range of mobile/desktop devices and browsers.It has support for streaming, browsing and searching mu


Gabedit is a Graphical User Interface for FireFly (PC-Gamess), Gamess-US, Gaussian, Molcas, Molpro, MPQC, NWChem, OpenMopac, Orca, PSI4 and Q-Chem computational chemistry packages.

Firefly Client - a Java Firefly Client

Firefly Client is a standalone java client for Firefly Media Server. This software allows to remotely connect to a Firefly Media Server given the server name and the port.

Firefly-client-android - A Firefly Client for Android

Firefly Client for AndroidAn application for Android devices that plays streamed music from a Firefly Media Server. Uses parts of Firefly Client to access Firefly servers. Currently this application is not yet ready to be used. The following features work: import a music library (my server is still hard-coded) browse music play single songs (no playlist support yet) I intend to grow this into a fully functional music player, but I am not 100% convinced that I will have enough time for that.

Firefly-cms - Feature-Rich Advanced Content Management System written in PHP and Javascript.

Firefly is an easy to use, yet highly intuitive, reliable and feature rich Content Management System that has been written in PHP and Javascript. Developing and launching websites that are easy to navigate and highly user friendly is a breeze with Firefly, and a bucket-load of core modules, plus the ability to extend and diversify Firefly in any way, means that building a dynamic, modern website has never bean so simple. Firefly is 100% Open Source and always will be.


A re-write of the firefly media server (mt-daapd). It's released under GPLv2+. Please note that this git repository is a mirror of the official one at git://

Jquery-firefly - FireFly effect on web, a jquery plugin

$.(firefly) is a Jquery plug-in created by Dharmveer Motyar This plugin can be used to create a cool firefly like sparks effect on web. uses - $.firefly();or - $.firefly({options});default options - {images : ['', '','', ''],total : 40\t}

Csc6810project - Hybrid Firefly Algorithm with Simulated Annealing Schedule for Continuous Optimiza

Firefly algorithm with simulated annealing schedule. This code requires the BIP package as well as SciPy. See for an example on how to run a simple test.

firefly - FireFly is an awesome URL shortener.

FireFly is an awesome URL shortener.


FireFly is a simple URL shortner for personal use.