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Fireball.VistaDB is a small project that contains at the moment a RoleProvider for the VistaDB ( Embedded Engine for .net, our home page is



Related Projects

ASP.Net Permission Manager

This is an extension of ASP.Net Permission Manager that permission to roles.

ASP.NET Tiny Security Providers

A pack of tiny (XML, Compact SQL etc) ASP.NET Membership, Role and Profile providers.

ASP.NET Desktop Membership Manager Application

This project aims to make it possible to manage ASP.Net Membership within the initial life cycle stages of your web application.

Web.Config Role Provider

Stores ASP.NET Roles in web.config. Easy to set up and deploy. Works great for simple websites with authentication. The projects includes support for Visual Studio intellisense and a simple users/roles manager.

Universaldotnetproviders - .NET Providers that offer the same functionality of the built providers b

This project is designed to let people leverage the power of the built in .NET controls such as logins and web parts but with their choice of any back end database engine. Configuration is done through the web.config file and allows for a distributed database model allowing you to store pieces of the providers in different locations or even different databases all together. Initial project source code contributed by KDESolutions

NHibernate VistaDB Driver and Dialect

An NHibernate driver and dialect to support VistaDB (a fully managed embedded database engine)

Log Manager 4 Umbraco

Log Mangager Package for Umbraco backend. You can filter for view and deletetion of your umbraco log entries. Works with Datalayer - so you can use it as well with VistaDB and MySQL. Useful to check if an internal error happend, or to clean up the log table from old log entries.


A simple ASP.Net MVC 3.5 based UI to manage the ASP.Net Membership, roles etc.

Pragmatic ASP.NET MVC Security

a sample application show casing usage of custom membership and role providers as well as Authorization filters using ASP.NET MVC. The membership is driven by a simple database custom database.

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