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Fire is a fast, themable UI toolkit and xHTML/CSS renderer for mobile application and game development. It is an eye-candy alternative to the standard midp2 UI components and unlike them it produces a superior UI result on all mobile devices!



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Pp-audio-guardian - A mobile Java application (J2ME) that records surrounding noise and triggers ale

Right now this is an experimental project as we investigate supporting development of our projects OverviewAudioGuardian is a mobile Java application (J2ME) for use on Java-enabled mobile phones. The user's phone records surrounding noise and triggers alerts when it identifies interesting noises such as car horns, fire alarms, gunshots, and sirens. This application was created for people who are hearing impaired and might have difficulty knowing when they are in a dangerous situation. The projec

Oppositelock - Opposite Lock - a J2ME racing game with 8-way Bluetooth multiplayer support

Opposite LockA highly regarded commercial J2ME title now released as open source. Take your pick from 10 maxed-out street legal racers and prove your mettle on 10 international tracks. The game has three modes of play, practice, tournament or time trial, with up to 8-way multiplayer on supporting handsets. The source for the version of the game available here only contains the three demo tracks, but is otherwise exactly the same as the version on sale. Fire up Eclipse and grab the code to see ho

Mobile-task-manager - Mobile GTD Tool

Mobile Task Manager is a simple and minimalistic GTD tool for Java enabled mobile phones and devices. Features: Create actions Edit actions (with 3 key) Mark action as done (with fire key) Purge done items Create folders You can add notes to actions (with 9 key) You can rearrange the actions (with left/right keys) Mark action as favorite (with 7 key) Change task priority (with 0 key) etc. Screens:

Fem - Fire Emblem on Mobile

Fire Emblem on SFC is a grate game. The purpose of this project is to transfer it to mobile.


MoFire is a midlet application to blogging through mobile device(with J2ME supported)

Jquery-depends-plugin - jQuery Depends plugin

Update Sep 17th 2010 - While no new updates in several months, don't think the project was abandoned, it was not, just hasn't been much need for new functionality or fixes. If you come up with something new, or needs fixed, let me know! The idea behind jQuery Depends plugin is to provide a very feature rich way to handle any and all forms of dynamic resource usage and consumption, or in other words, a javascript-based dependency resource loader. Beyond the typical forms of loaders that exist for

Verman - chips & bits [Hector Morales Piloni programming demos]

Android Compass (Magnetometer) demo (March 2011) Simple compass demo using the sensor API for Android Requirements Android SDK r07+ Eclipse ADT Sensor simulator Android Accelerometer demo (March 2011) Simple accelerometer (3-axis graph) demo using the sensor API for Android Requirements Android SDK r07+ Eclipse ADT Sensor simulator XNA Stencil Shadows (June 2009) Hard Stencil Shadows using XNA 3.0 Requirements: XNA 3.0 DirectX 9+ XNA 3.0 Graphics Demo (June 2009) HLSL Shaders demo using the XNA

Zk-ztl - ZUL Testing Language

The project is the old version for Selenium-RC. If you want to use Selenium 2 (Webdriver), please refer to this project - ZTL on Github ZK-ZTL is an open source tool which can automatically test the ZK Framework with jUnit and Selenium frameworks. And it can now support vision test to test on ZK Framework. IntroductionThe ZTL language is XML based which describes the operation of a test case for the Selenium Remote Control (RC). For example, <test tags="button">\t<case id="Click">\t\t<server><!-

Jquerytree - (JQuery Tree �件) zTree

zTree v3.2 has Publishednew Host: ztree.meIntroduction of zTree (简介)zTree is a multi-functional "tree plug-ins." based on jQuery. The main advantages of zTree includes excellent performance, flexible configuration, and the combination of multiple functions.(zTree 是一个�� jQuery 实现的多功能 “树�件�。优异的性能��活的�置�多�功能的组�是 zTree 最大优点。) zTree is a free tree plug-in and uses the MIT license. (zTree 是开��费的软件,

Editease - jQuery CMS | no fuss, no database, no worries

editEase - no fuss, no database, no worriesMay 2012 UpdateDue to other commitments, I unfortunately have to close this project. The downloads have been deprecated, and are only online for historical reasons. December 2011 UpdateOk, I have some time off coming up and will finally get this project updated to use the latest version of the plugins. Stay tuned, and thanks to everyone who has had patience, and sorry to those that needed to go elsewhere :) 24 July 2010 UpdateWell it is painfully obviou