Fast Image (JPG) Resizer for Java

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The quot;Fast Image Resizer for Java Toolquot; has following features: resize all JPEG/JPG images of a directory, generate web galleries, store resized images in a ZIP file, add text or image watermark. The Tool is available in German and English.



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installation: check out e.g. in c:\\projects\\fileshare\\ copy the jxta libraries in c:\\projects\\lib (bcprov-jdk14.jar, javax.servlet.jar, jxta.jar, log4j.jar, org.mortbay.jetty.jar) make a copy for another instance e.g. to c:\\projects\\fileshare2\\ running: start c:\\projects\\fileshare\\run.bat, the JXTA configuration dialogue opens when first started, enter a peer name and password (e.g. 'fileshare01') start c:\\projects\\fileshare2\\run.bat, the JXTA configuration dialogue opens when firs