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FinanceTool makes a visual representation of your spending during a period of time. The Winforms application works on export files from the Dutch ING bank and the SNS bank. It's developed in C# based on .NET 4.0.



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Financetools - A collection of finance tools to build models for business decisions using NPV, DCF,

This project is to build complex financial models for analyzing business decisions. It will include features for annuities, perpetuities, discounted cash flow, net present value, future value and more. This can be applied to real estate and financial markets as well as for internal corporate finance use. Feel free to send in bug fixes and additional code. The project is written in C#. You may download a free C# compiler for windows, linux, or unix from here:

Finance-tools - A set of Finance/budgeting tools in Excel, Openoffice & Google Office

I was trying to find any good personal budgeting spreadsheet which is free and fulfill my every requirements (My requirements are quite high). Unfortunately could not find any free, simple but powerful spreadsheet. Since I'm a programmer with some experience with VB, I decided to design it myself. Sharing it on the net so that others can get benefit from it. First I'm creating all tools in Excel but later, I'll try to convert them in Open office and Google docs for those who don't have/like Micr