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Finance::Quote is a perl module that fetches delayed on-line stock quotes. The Finance::Quote can fetch quote from a variety of sources, including the NYSE, the ASX, and a number of European exchanges.



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Imperium is a web-based billing and accounting software solution for small and medium sized businesses. It provides basic CRM, Job Tracking, Invoicing, Double-Entry Book-keeping and Accounting features. Easily organize clients and contacts, provide quotes, track work and send bills.

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A set of AI tools to analyze financial data and perform investment decissions.

Ultra-finance - Python project for real-time financial data collection, analyzing && backtes

WelcomeUltra-finance is a pure Python library & utility for real time stock data collection, analyzing and backtesting. First BuildFirst build is available at: Installation instruction can be found at: Any questions can be posted at: Examplesstock crawler -- save stock quotes/ticks to local disk(sqlite or hbase) DesignWe try to keep the

Prisma-quotes - Live security quotes and charts for Google Chrome via Bloomberg, Google and Yahoo!

(usually unstable tester build here) This extension pulls quotes from Bloomberg, Google Finance and Yahoo! Finance. All of these services have their strengths and weaknesses with market coverage, charting tools and personal portfolios, so why choose between them? The quotes you've chosen update automatically, and clicking on one will open its price history chart in the same window. To add your own ticker symbols, just visit the options page (accessible via both the right-click menu and the popup

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Source Codes?: A java program for generating OFX file that you can use to update quotes in Microsoft Money. Why: Microsoft's quote server is no longer working. If you want to see your portfolio values current, you need to update the quote prices. What does it do: Generate an OFX file to mimic statement from a fake brokerage. How do I use it: You will need java. Then download the tool (a *.jar file). Double click on the downloaded *.jar fi

Conky-stocks - Stock quote (Google finance API) plugin for Conky

conky-stocksFast and robust plugin for Conky that uses the Google finance API for monitoring stock data. I'm aware there are plenty plugins with similar functionality, however, this one uses the Google Finance API which offers better performance and doesn't sporadically output garbage data like the Yahoo based plugins tends to do. Created by Robert Wikman in 2011 usagerun ./ --help to display usage. notes Unfortunately there's a "layout bug" in Conky version 1.8.1 (current release)

Warsaw Stock Exchange Quotations module

Warsaw Stock Exchange quotations module for Finance::Quote/GnuCach

Pyql - Python interface to retrieve stock quotes from Yahoo! Finance using YQL

pyqlThe module provides Python API to retreive stock information from Yahoo! Finance using Yahoo Query Language. The module uses Yahoo Query API, and sends REST to retrieve JSON, then converts the result in a list of dictionary objects, and returns it. Basic Usage: >>> import pyql>>> tickers = ['FFIV', 'MSFT', 'GOOG']>>> print pyql.lookup(tickers)>>> tickers = ['AAPL']>>> print pyql.lookup(tickers)

Yahoo-finance-managed - Yahoo! Managed - The .NET Wrapper for Yahoo! WebService

Yahoo! Managed Welcome! The service that Yahoo! provides to download financial, geo or weather data and search results is nice, but you have to know the right tags and symbols and how to build the URL to use it. This library will undertake this annoying task for you. Also you have a managed class environment to handle the results of queries. For first appliance of the library look at the Code Examples For more details of namespaces and classes look at the Object Browser If you want to know how t