Free Image Manipulator

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Program for resizing, converting and tagging many pictures at once.



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Locaparelhos - projeto academico

projeto academico, desenvolvido em grupo, com o fim de ser apresentado ao fim do semestre

FIM CM Extensions

Extensions for Forefront Identity Manager 2010 to enable integration between the FIM Service workflow and the FIM Certificate Management workflow.

PowerShell for FIM 2010

Microsoft ForeFront Identity Manager 2010

FIM PowerShell Workflow Activity

The FIM WF Activity for PowerShell makes is easy to use PowerShell inside FIM workflows. The activity is also a good example of using diagnostic tracing inside FIM WF.

Mc011-gr12 - Projeto de Laboratorio de Compiladores - UNICAMP - 1s2011

Este projeto tem por fim hospedar o código dos laboratorios de compiladores, MC011, realizado pelo grupo12 no primeiro semestre de 2011.

Multimidiaunicap - Projeto da cadeira de multimidia 2007.1

Este projeto tem por fim o estudo das aplicações de compressão de vídeo e imagem vistas na cadeira de multimídia.

FIM Task Sequencer "RunJob"

Runjob is a simple batch controller for FIM (MIIS and ILM) for starting and monitoring the execution of FIM Run Profiles that allows for complex (looping and branching) sequences to be put together with a simple XML 'task' file. Key features include: * Works with MIIS / ...

FIM Query Tool

Forefront Identity Manager Query Tool, written for FIM 2010. A Windows Forms front-end to the FIM unsupported web service enumeration client. Provides a one-stop shop for querying the web service with XPath filters.

FIM 2010 Resource Management Client

The Forefront Identity Management 2010 Resource Management Client is a library to communicate with the FIM 2010 web service. The development language is C#.