Fish Fillets - Next Generation

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Open Source implementation of the wonderful puzzle game Fish Fillets from ALTAR interactive.



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Application focused to get overview of time used on concrete tasks and projects. Based on top of Google Calendar, where user can mark time. It`s written in .NET 4.0 WPF and uses a MVVM design pattern, which is commonly associated with WPF. Application is in very early stage of development and needs lots of improvements (both in code and in features), but right now it supports viewing events from Google calendar, some searching, editing and simple export to Microsoft Excel sheet (.xlsx), maybe so

Renaissancevectoreditor - renaissance vector editor

This project is pretty much abandonwear, but if anyone is interested in hacking the libraries, feel free to. That's why it's here. Renaissance AS3 Flash Vector Editor is a cubic bezier flash vector editor. Quite a few unique options include a custom hinting system, corner filleting, and an implementation of the high performance Caffeine Owl piecewise quadratic to cubic transformation algorithm. Other features include a unique contextual user interface and both object and path based editing. Fill

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fillets-ng - Fish Fillets - Next Generation

Fish Fillets - Next Generation

ff-sol - Solutions of fish fillets (my variant)

Solutions of fish fillets (my variant)

ffng-android - Fish Fillets Android Port - Done by Daniel Musil

Fish Fillets Android Port - Done by Daniel Musil

GL-fillet - blender 2.5 fillet two connected edges, with options like weight

blender 2.5 fillet two connected edges, with options like weight


Sketchup Model of a Condo