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Filler is a graphical game where you occupy coloured hexes by changing colours.



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fixie - Automatically add filler content to HTML documents based on semantic tags.

Automatically add filler content to HTML documents based on semantic tags.

Fieldfiller - Field Filler - script making wonderful

Field Filler it's a very small script, that replaces arbitrary patterns on a random string from a file.


This project is a framework for creating Xml-based form applications that work under .NET 3.5.

Poparse - .po file parser and .pot file filler

Using Poparse, translators can save msgstrs pertaining to msgids from a .po file and use these translations to fill empty .pot files.

Tcpflowanalyser - A simple tool to analyse a TCP flows given a tcpdump file

tcpAnalyser is a tcp flow analyser. Given a tcp flow, where a flow is identified by ip address , source port number, dest ip address , dest port number, it groups packets into clusters and determines wether a given packet was a duplicate or a filler of a previous ( or the same ) group. It then performs some computations and displays some aggregate statistics on the groups. Its helpful to analyse flow throughput or debug tcp performance issues. If you are using a binary tcpdump file it is importa

Platinum-propertygrid - A flexible property grid control like System.Windows.Forms.PropertyGrid

Platinum.PropertyGridThe Platinum.PropertyGrid control is aimed at providing a more flexible generic object editor than System.Windows.Forms.PropertyGrid. Like with the standard PropertyGrid users can implement their own PropertyEditors. Why Yet Another PropertyGridThe main reasons for developing this control instead of just using the standard PropertyGrid where the need for real-time feedback in PropertyEditors no direct property manipulation through PropertyEditors complete control over the Pr


A simple and fun remake of the old Filler game that was popular in early 1990s (and was a true marvel of its time). Written in FreePascal with Lazarus libraries. The game objective is to capture half of the colored field by annexing tiles color by color.

Php-csv-parser - CSV Parser - in php [ open source ]

Simple data access object for csv files in Kazuyoshi Tlacaelel. Some featuresCellsfillCell cell value filler getCell cell fetcher hasCell checks if a coordinate is valid HeaderscountHeaders header counter createHeaders header creator getHeaders header fetcher setHeaders header injector ColumnsappendColumn column appender fillColumn collumn data injector getColumn column fetcher hasColumn column existance checker removeColumn column remover walkColumn column walker Must see[construct] dat