jabber intergration client (name still unknown)

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The scope of this project is simple: design a jabber client that is lightweight and useful. Intended as a learning experience. This project is still in it's early stages. So far I have an MFC project start which is communicating with the aol server. There are absolutely no...




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MFCMAPI uses Microsoft's published APIs to provide access to MAPI stores through a graphical user interface. Its purpose is to facilitate investigation of Exchange and Outlook issues and to provide developers with a canonical sample for MAPI development.

The CvsGui project

The CvsGui project is providing several high-end interface clients (WinCvs, MacCvs, gCvs) written in C++ using popular frameworks (MFC, PowerPlant, GTK+) with a scripting support via Python or TCL.


The King James version of the Bible for Windows NT, XP, and possibly 95/98/ME. Also with source code (C++ with MFC for the GUI).


SmartWin++ is a C++ template GUI library written to give the flexibility of the Windows API without the hassle and lack of typesafety that MFC/WTL delivers. A flexible, expandable abstraction of the Windows API (formerly Win32 API).


Winfingerprint is a Win32 MFC VC++ .NET based security tool that is able to Determine OS, enumerate users, groups, shares, SIDs, transports, sessions, services, service pack and hotfix level, date and time, disks, and open tcp and udp ports.

massid3lib - Mp3 Tag Tools

Mp3 Tag Tools - intutive ID3v1 amp; v2.x, lyrics, picture tag editor, mp3 organizer. massid3lib - An Open source library in VC++ 6.0 amp; MFC for seek and mass tagging of individual one or more set id3 v1.1 fields.

MyPhone - Voice and Video Chat client

MyPhone is Voiceamp;Video IP Telephony Chat client. It is H323 protocol compatible, based on OpenH323 project (www.openh323.org). Client is written in VC++, using MFC/PWLib libraries, compatible with any reasonable M$Windows version. Freewareamp;OpenSource

pdnmesh Finite Element program

An automatic 2D Delaunay mesh generator and solver for Finite Element Analysis. Can solve 2D field problems (Poisson and Helmholtz Equations). Can use LAPACK/ARPACK solvers producing OpenGL/Postscript output. Uses C/GTK/GTKGLExt/MFC. Runs on Win32/Unix.

dbf library

Access the simple dbf database format the easiest possible way. This library consists basically of only two files (dbf.h and dbf.c), although C++ wrappers and sample GUI apps using wxWidgets and MFC are included, plus a C# implementation with no GUI.

Integerprogramming - IP programming using simplex and branch function

A MFC app for line programming and integer programming.