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FileWatch is a program which looks after your files. You can define files it looks after and informs you every time a file is changed (in any way). It's based on file's CTIME value (returned by stat() system call), which changes every time the file's perm



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Mybuild - Personal Continuous Builds

A local build continuous build runner. Inspired by the fact we have multiple cores in our dev machines often doing nothing, so we may as well have them building the projects we are currently working on. A crude filewatcher and build initiator is currently availiable with the idea of adding basic meassging to facilitate a UI component to visually aret the dev of build success. Obviously this is not nessecarily specific to a build process, but thats what i am using for. Anythin that needs to be ki


This program can watch file- changes on the computer. This program have some benefits if you want to watch some files, or a specifik folder or program folder. It can help you understand more of the I/O file system and more on events.

Simplefilewatcher - Simple, cross platform, object-oriented, file watcher and notifier library.

SimpleFileWatcher is a C++ wrapper for OS file monitoring systems. Currently it uses Win32 ReadDirectoryChangesW for monitoring changes in Windows, and inotify in linux. OSX is supported via kqueue and directory scans. Some example code: // Create the object FW::FileWatcher* fileWatcher = new FW::FileWatcher(); // add a directory watch FW::WatchID watchid = fileWatcher->addWatch("..\\\\media", new UpdateListener()); ... // somewhere in your update loop call update fileWatcher->update(); // where

PowerShell scripts, modules and cmdlets for IT Admins

A useful set of additional scripts, modules and cmdlets that haven't been added to PowerShell (yet)

Air-filewatch - Simple AIR+Flex File Watcher/Monitor

Simple AIR+Flex File Watcher/Monitor to try Flex 4 and as3corelib's FileMonitor class...

Watchman - A file watching service

Watchman exists to watch files and record when they change. It can also trigger actions (such as rebuilding assets) when matching files change. It can recursively watch one or more directory trees.

Invasive - AS3, ANT and JSFL code generation. Utilities. Undo/Redo

com.invasive.ant: ANT Script GenerationANT code generation and execution. This supports SVN functionality, HTTP downloading, Email (Plain Text), Zip Compression and most other important functions. Add this to your Air 2.0 project and you can do almost everything. com.invasive3: AS3 Code Generation.Full support for generating all forms of AS3 code. My main usage has been the creation of boiler-plate PureMVC Proxy, Mediator and Command classes. You can combine this functionality with the ANT scrip

ojo.extension - Extensions for ojo file-watching library.

Extensions for ojo file-watching library.

Scribblings-by-apoch - Random code and demo projects by Apoch

Scribblings by ApochThis is my public scratch pad for various thoughts, ideas, tools, utilities, code samples, and other random accumulated goodies. All of my code is provided free of charge and free for any usage via the New BSD License. Each project contains an accompanying License.txt which sets forth the terms of the license in legalese, so you can show your lawyers if you really want to. What's Here?Over time, I'll continually post stuff here that I find handy or cool, or that I want to use