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Related Projects

Camlistore - Personal Storage System

Camlistore is a way of storing, syncing, sharing, modeling and backing up content. It is your personal storage system for life. It can store and be accessed like a traditional filesystem, but it specializes in representing higher-level objects which don't need to exist in purely one place in a tree. Save stuff easily without categorizing it or choosing a location. It is represented using content-addressable blob.

CmisSync - Dropbox-like sync for your company's file server

CmisSync allows you to keep in sync with your company's file server, and read/edit the documents even when offline. It works with any CMIS-compliant server like Alfresco, Google drive, SharePoint, Nuxeo etc.

Capivara - Java filesync

Capivara is a graphical file transfer and file synchronization application. It supports network protocols such as SFTP and FTP.

Homefiles - File synchronization application for your home network

I developed this Java software as part of my distributed software development course at University of San Francisco.

Animationsync - Animation Data Sync


fileSync -- file synchronization tool

fileSync is a light weight synchronization program designed to work in a non-interactive way. It synchronizes directories in both directions instead of just one like Rsync. It has much less overhead than versioning systems SVN and CVS.


FileSynchronizer is a small program which allows you to synchronize folderpairs. it is based upon the Microsoft Synchronization Framework.

Mavenfilesync - A maven plugin that provides configuration files for Eclipse filesync plugin.

The 1.0.0 version has been released. It is available from the download section and the maven central repository. Documentation maven-filesyncplugin is a maven plugin that generates Eclipse FileSync plugin settings file and adds FileSync builder to the .project file. Note that this maven plugin is intended to work with Eclipse projects where the FileSync Eclipse plugin is present. Please refer to the documentation page for more details. Feel free to report any issues and create functionality requ

Remote Filesync

This is a small tool to syncronize files. It's mainly intended for use with eDonkey part-files. If one person has a complete file and an other person has the same file with some incomplete parts the tool will help them to sync the two files. | Perlreact