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Small tool written in Java to split then concatenate files. Used to bypass mail limitations or backup on small drives (floppy,memory card).



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This projects aims to build a set of utilities to work with splitted files in various formats. Supported formats at the moment are: hacha (1,2 and pro), kamaleon (1 and 2), Astrotite, Camouflage, FileSplit, SplitFile...

Small Utilities Project

This project aims to create small utilities for users to use and ease-up their daily lives. This includes a portable file-spliter, cd tray ejector, hex-dumper, etc


FileSplit lets you split large files into smaller files for easier sharing and backup. After splitting the files, FileSplit also creates a .bat (batch) file that when clicked, automatically joins the split files into the original file. This is especially useful for those rec...

Splitandjoin - filespliter Beta Test

FileSplitter is a program to split a file into several pieces,in which size whatever you want.

Rapiduploader - RapidUploader is an application which enables you to easily upload files to RapidSha

RapidUploader is an application which enables you to easily upload files to RapidShare, the number one Filehoster. Highlights:- no installation, just a single executable - pause/resume your uploads whenever you want to - multiple uploads and queuing - supports premium and collector accounts - display account-information - file-splitting for RapidStreamer (�on-the-fly� splitting, no temporary files) - md5 check - automatically checks for updates

Ginger - Tool for easy and transparent application load distribution across a network

Ginger stands for Grid Infrastructure for Non-Grid EnviRonments. Ginger accepts format and application descriptions as well as partition strategies, and automatically splits, distributes and merges files or any other input stream. Since we are acting on the inputs and outputs of any common application there's no need to adapt them to this distributed environment. A simple example is video encoding: instead of encoding the whole video at a place, we create several smaller videos and encode them o

File-Split - Release history of File-Split

Release history of File-Split