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FileSet - view and set file attributes. Create hard or soft links to file. Fileset is small utility to replace chmod, chown, and more. It attempts to follow the Small, Fast, Friendly (SFF) guideline for programs.



Related Projects


Antlion helps Apache Ant build files manage external libraries, and the paths and filesets that are associated with those libraries. This also includes inter-project relationships for multi-build file projects.


An LPCM multiplex/demultiplex utility for DVD-Video with md5 verification. Creates full-resolution quot;audio-onlyquot; dvd-video discs from wav/flac filesets, and extracts unencrypted LPCM audio from dvd-video to wav/flac.

Antanno - This project provides a custom Ant file selector which select classes that either do or do

This selector can take the following arguments: annotation - target annotation's fully qualified class name value - a list of an acceptable annotation values (optional) condition - selection condition (allowed keywords: "equals", "exists", "not", "and", "or") This is an example of how to filter class-files by an abstract annotation (with RetentionPociy.CLASS or .RUNTIME): ....<jar destfile="${builddir}/opt.jar"> <fileset dir="${builddir}" includes="**/*.class"> <custom classname="

Jdpp - Javadoc Preprocessor

A Javadoc Preprocessor that allows writing Javadoc Class comments in Markdown syntax, then renders the Markdown into HTML before passing the source on to javadoc. Usagejdpp works as an Apache Ant Task. It expects a destdir property, and nested FileSets. The files in the fileset will be processed into the specified destdir. To use, first define the task with taskdef. Make sure to update the classpath property to point to your jdpp jar. <taskdef name="jdpp" classname="jdpp.MarkdownPreprocessor" cl

Preprocessor - Preprocessor - A Preprocess Tool for Java

Preprocessor - A Preprocess Tool for JavaWelcome!Welcome to the Preprocessor project! FeaturesIt based on ant copy task. supports the following files: Java/JSP HTML/javascript/CSS XML Properties files supports file encoding specified supports filtering //#ifdef CUSTOMER1private String abc = "abc";//#elseprivate String abc = "cba";//#endifbuild.xml <project name="sample.project" default="war" basedir=".">\t<!-- Initialize -->\t<!-- Pre-processor output directory -->\t<property name="t

Gdesktop-translator - Free Google Translate Desktop Tool

This program is desktop client for Google Translate service. You can paste text into upper box, select original and destination language and press "Translate". For detecting language you can push "Detect language" button. You can select text in different windows (e.g. browser of MS Word). For this you must select text and press Ctrl+C+C quickly and you will get translation of selected text. Edit some settings of the application you can via "File->Settings menu" item.

Gcog - generate code with inlined Groovy code

IntroductionGenerate code with inlined Groovy code. Original idea and code from the Cog code generation tool. SyntaxThe syntax is mostly the same as cog (see for description). ...//[[[gcog outl("Hello World!") ]]]Hello World!//[[[end]]]...Example Usage with AntHere is a build.xml-snippet which runs gcog for all java sources containing the keyword [[[cog : <!-- don't forget to put groovy and gcog on run.classpath -->\t<fileset id="myfiles" dir=".">\t\t<include na

Jgrousetools - Convenient tools for Javascript development

jGrouseTools is a set of Ant tasks and other tools that could be used when building Javascript projects. See also JSMinTaskJSMinTask is based on Douglas Crouford's JSMin ( and John Reilly's port of JSMin to java ( Typical usage of JSMinTask would be: <taskdef name="jsmin" classname="jgrouse.jgtools.jsmin.JSMinTask" classpath="${jgtools.jar}"><jsmin output="${buildDir}/out-js"> <fileset dir="${buildDir}/js/" includes="**/*.


This library is a collection of Ant tasks for integrating IBM Rational ClearCase with Apache Ant. The integration makes full use of the power and capabilities of Ant, with support for nested elements (such as filesets) as well as conditions.

Ibatis-implgen - Java Annotation Processor that generates iBATIS SqlMap Java and XML files

Using new features in Java 1.5 it is possibly to specify most iBATIS SqlMap instructions directly in Java files. Implgen is a Java annotation processor that generates iBATIS SqlMap Java and XML files from annotated interfaces or abstract classes. SQL is specified in multi-line blocks starting with /*sql{ and ending with }*/. This is probably best illustrated by an example: @Update public void updateName(int id, String name) throws SQLException /*sql{ update table_of_names set name = #name:VARCHA