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A thin http file server, opensource and cross platform. Share your files accross the web in a drag and drop.



Related Projects


Netatalk is a freely-available Open Source AFP fileserver. A *NIX/*BSD system running Netatalk is capable of serving many Macintosh clients simultaneously as an AppleShare file server (AFP).

Wsgi-fileserver - WSGI fileserver application

wsgi-fileserverWSGI application for serving static files. InstallationIf you already have setuptools installed you can very simply: sudo easy_install wsgi-fileserverTo checkout the source: svn checkout wsgi-fileserver

Daffydav - DaffyDav general purpose fileserver

A general purpose fileserver based on python WSGI with an implementation of the DAV protocol and a web filemanager. Fully configurable and extensible. The project is in alpha stage and not finished. Still missing DAV locking support and ajax filemanager implementation is incomplete. If you want more information contact me at


An fserve (fileserver) for X-Chat that allows you to share files via IRC.

Kats - A system for managing files across 2 computers

Manages file and directories across multiple computers Supports transfering between computers and guessing of target directory for move actions. Source code will be uploaded sometime

Rs-online - Download manager in Ruby

A system capable of downloading on file servers as and for the time being under the Linux platform. All the package management system is powered by Ruby on Rails.

Auto-copier - copier monitoring file system change and automatically copy to target directory

The reason I develop this application is I own a fileserver premium account, however its download software is bullshit,parallel downloading of more than 3 files at 3M/s is kill my hard drive.The entire system lags as a bitch.Fortunately, I have 2g memory as memdisk. I set ramdisk as temp download directory and that solves my harddrive problem. This application can automatically move finished file in my ramdisk to target directory. Of course, you may find out other interesting usage.

Medianav - MediaNav - A Python media management and playback system

OverviewMedianav consists of three parts: A fileserver containing the actual media files (TV shows, Movies, etc) An application server running Django to manage your media collection and provide web services A python front-end that can play the media built on top of mplayer and uses web services to get meta information from the app server All three components can run on separate servers or be combined. Multiple front-ends can also be used. StatusThe source code is available, but no pre-packaged v

VirusWALL ClamAV Virus Graphs/Reporting

VirusWALL is a ClamAV Virus Graph/Info Tool/Report Generator. For Virus traffic on your SMTP Gateway, EMail server or SMB/UFS Fileserver utilizing Clam AntiVirus. Real-time reporting via a web interface, Graphs are Pure CSS for speed and efficiency.