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A simple search engine for LANs. Indexes files in shares over FTP and SMB protocols and provides the ability to search for certain files in this index.



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FileSearch is a multi-threaded documents searcher. No indexes need to be updated ; no background service is required. The more you have drives the more search speed is increased thanks to its multi-threading technic.

Jkhfilesearch - Windows File Searching similar to Agent Ransack but not as cool

An open source C# implementation of a Windows File Search app. It is based on the old (pre 2010) version of Agent Ransack. Libraries

The libraries are a suit of VB Com object. Parcial list of objects include, ComSerialization, FileSearch, and GenLib.

Ghinexplorer - A File Explorer

IntroductionGhin Explorer is File Explorer in Java RequirementsTo build ghinexplorer, the following programs are needed: Java SE Development Kit version 5 or greater Release Notes Searching or finding a file by categories Copy,rename,delete,paste files,add files,add fisk and open with program Manage files and open with program for any types file Add image icon for file list and filechooser Tree file list, click,view and run Easy to use,learn and very small 100% pure java Tutorials & User GuideGu

Uguu - Multi-protocol search for local network

LAN indexing tool with web interface. Supports SMB, FTP and WebDAV resources. Works on both Windows and Linux. Written in C, C++, python. Uses postgres, django, neon, libsmbclient (linux only). Uguu has several important features: flexible network configuration automatic resources list management: non-empty resources of each protocol are added to the database, resources that are no more available for too long are removed. a resource's contents updating process is hidden from user meaning the use

Super Find

Super Find is a search utility tool for windows. It searches any type of files in the system very fast.

Duplicate File Explorer

File search utility, that also shows what files are duplicate by name. Supports searching up to 3 different folders at one time, excluding folders or extensions and multiple search patterns.


scpEdit is a full feature text editor focused on data searching, extraction and transformation rather then focused on code editing. It makes extensive use of regular expressions, support VBscript macros and a lot more. For now, the interface is only available in french. Transl...