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Files Count is a console exe that counts recursively all the files in a directory and subdirectories and display or report result with detail for each extension



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Erl-pipes - An implementation of Hartmann pipelines in Erlang

This project has moved to implementation of Hartmann pipelines in Erlang. In short, they are extensions of the usual Unix pipes that allow building graphs of programs and thus one can implement a full data-flow environment. Code example with current API, counting the number of lines in a file containing "=" and the number of lines that don't contain it: P1 = pipes:pipe(cat, [FileName]), P2 = pipes:pipe(lines), P4 = pipes:pipe(grep, ["="]), P3 = pipes:pipe(cou

Cmapanalysis - CmapAnalysis is an extensible tool for analyzing concept maps

CmapAnalysis is a cross-platform application that enables users to define and execute analyses over sets of concept maps. The result of the analysis is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (XML) containing one row for each concept map in the analyzed set with columns for each of the desired measures. Measures range from simple counts of concepts and propositions to more complex calculations such as identifying the top three most central concepts in each map. CmapAnalysis was designed with several objec

Bmjmx - JMX add-on for Blue Martini applications

Update 6/3/2011: Project temporarily unavailable PurposeThe goal of BM JMX is to expose Blue Martini framework to Java Management Extension. At this stage, two MBeans have been created: Cache to monitor the cache stats (size, hit cache ratio, …) Business action to monitor business actions stats (count, average, max, min execution time) and to execute business actions. Release Tested with BM 9.0.1 and WebLogic 8.1 sp5. Getting startedCache MBeanDownload bmjmx-<major>.<

Svnplot - Generate graphs from Subversion log statistics

This project creates various types of statistics and graphs from subversion repository log data.Oscar Castaneda (SVNPlot Commiters) talks about his Summer of Code project on Google blog (Life after Google Summer of Code) IMPORTANT : Version 0.6.x users and 0.7.0 users, please upgrade to 0.7.4 and RECREATE the database. News/UpdatesNEW version 0.7.6 available (14 Nov 2011) Fixes Fixes a bug where rare case got an 'Inconsistent line ending style' Fixes a bug in svnplot where svnpl

Phpivr - Asterisk AGI application to organize Interactive Voice Responses

Welcomephpivr provide users advanced and reliable Asterisk AGI application that designed to organize Interactive Voice Responses. The main project purpose is creating small, flexible and fast tool with simple understandable configuration mechanism. phpivr advantagesunlimited menu levels no need to change "extensions.conf" file no need to reload the application if you want to modify the IVR menu or reload dialplan (the application reads phpivr.conf on the fly) web-based online calls monitor small

Picturedownloader - Google chrome extension

Picture DownloaderAboutThis is an extension for Google Chrome that was developed in the purpose of making the image searching and downloading activities efficient. Basically it use Java Scripts and HTML for developing. ImplementationI. Getting the Browser Ready Google chrome has several releases such as dev channel, beta channel etc. These products are to support various extension developers on different Software Platforms. From these we should select dev channel if we use a Windows Operating Sy

Mgframework - PHP Framework

The mgframework project is the base for the Mangrove PHP framework. Mangrove aims to be a highly robust product offering new and uniform approaches to existing problems in web application development. In order to use the Mangrove PHP framework at least PHP 5.3 with the mbstring and intl extensions is required. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to utilize a caching mechanism like XCache or APC. Mangrove has been tested and proven to work on both Linux and Windows setups running Apache httpd 2

Nunit-extension-datadriven - NUnit AddIn for data-driven testing

NUnit AddIn for data-driven testingDataDriven Extension is an NUnit Addin that allows you to create test cases from any data sources (like database or plain text files etc.) and can used for parameterized test. DataFactoryAttibute (like the FactoryAttribute in NUnit 2.5 alpha 3), indicate class of the test case factory. You can also set some arguments for creating test cases. Test case factory class must have a defualt constructor and a method with IEnumerable as the return value for create test

Archivefs - An archival and backup file system for Linux using FUSE.

AboutArchiveFS is a FUSE file system used for archiving and backup. Its primary function is to ensure that multiple copies of a file are only represented as a single file. The representation of the file system is intentionally kept simple and consists just of a single SQLite3 database file and table (which can be dumped into a text file), together with a directory full of files. The file system is not intended for general purpose computing, but mostly for copying data in and out. It seems to be

Jsonovich - Pretty-prints JSON content in the Firefox family of browsers for easy, unobtrusive viewi

JSONovich Pretty-prints JSON content in the Firefox family of browsers for easy, unobtrusive viewing. JSONovich is a Firefox (and SeaMonkey) extension that pretty-prints JSON content of various types directly in a browser tab. It uses the browser's native JSON parser and a custom-built formatter to produce its output. Normally, Firefox would either prompt to download or display as plain text any JSON sent with the correct application/json mime-type. JSONovich makes working with and debugging out