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This project has moved to Savannah. This project page will disappear on June 14, 2008.



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Sphivedb - SPHiveDB is a server for sqlite database

SPHiveDB is a server for sqlite database. It use JSON-RPC over HTTP to expose a network interface to use SQLite database. It supports combining multiple SQLite databases into one file through Tokyo Cabinet. It also supports the use of multiple files. It is designed for the extreme sharding schema -- one SQLite database per user. Changelog:Changes in version 0.7.5 (12.06.2009)-------------------------------------* PHP client api was added* Upgrade sqlite to 3.6.20Changes in version 0.7 (10.18.200

Spxml - Simple Plain Xml Parser

spxml is a simple and plain xml parser written in C++. spxml supports pull-model and DOM-model xml parsing. spxml is a stream-oriented parser. As the user passes it chunks of the input XML document, spxml identifies elements, character data or other entities and return the appropriate event. The size of the chunks is controlled by the user; chunks can range from one byte to the whole XML document. spxml pull parser does not need to be told when the document is ended. On the contrary, spxml pull

fileschanged - A FAM (File Alteration Monitor) client

A FAM (File Alteration Monitor) client