Smart ID3 Tag Editor, File Renamer: Java

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Smart Id3 Tag from filename. Rename file from Tag. Full Regex Search amp; Replace. Intuitive parsing. Smart file numbering. Artist Album report. Split compilation album. Configurable text processing. mp3, flac, ogg, mp4, m4a, mp4p + more. Java.



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Fw-filerenamer - A small tool for bulk file renaming.

A small tool for bulk file renaming. FileRenamer provides the following features: Rename a filename based on pattern (including regular expression) Rename all characters in a filename to upper case Rename all characters in a filename to lower case Add a sequence number into a filename Add additional characters into a filename Preview the filenames that are going to be renamed before committing it It runs on all platforms (only tested on Linux and Windows). It requires JRE 6 and above. To run the

Cnxrename - A mass file renamer written in Python

cnxrename renames each file in a folder - also recursively - using either a fixed or a user defined rule. It can renames multiple audio files retrieving correct name from a well-formatted text file too. By default the user must confirm any operation.

Project-cheesecake - Редактор mp3-тегов, а также переименовывател

Редактор mp3-тегов, а также переименовыватель mp3.

Id3tidy - A small tool to tidy up the ID3 tags information

A small tool to tidy up the ID3 tags information. It runs on all platforms (only tested on Linux and Windows). It requires JRE 6 and above. It has the following features: Fill up the ID3 tags information automatically based on the filename pattern. ID3 tag editor to read/update the ID3 tag information. Open, create, and modify the M3U playlist file. This tool is based on the wonderful JAudiotagger library. To run the tool: java -jar ID3Tidy-0.3.jarOn Windows, you can double click the ID3Tidy-0.3

Re-name - Batch file renamer for windows

rename your thousands of files in few clicks with 40+ possible renaming rules.

Free Audio Reader

Free Audio Reader is a Windows audio player featuring bookmarks (position and optionally volume), playlists, tag editing, tag-based file/folder renaming, cover art, jukebox, slide shows, soundbites and TextReader with limited Text-To-Speech. Accessibility guidelines are follow...

Net-filerenamer - .Net program for renaming multiple files

Includes methods for appending text to a batch of files, inserting text, replacing text, remove a number of characters, incrementing the list of files, changing the upper/lower casing, and some other advanced operations. Written in C# with .Net in Visual Studio 2010

Filerenamer - Tool for file massive renaming

Written on C# .NET2.0, Used for mass file renaming, you can easily number you files, filter them by extension and then add prefix/suffix... Especially useful when you need to rename photos taken by camera. Now working on Linux port(C#MONO) testing.

Pfetchy - TV meta-data fetcher and file-renamer

A TV meta-data fetcher written in python

Rk-pvt-projects - RK's Private Projects

List of projects and their capabilites in brief: 1) CS531_AI_SuDoKu - a simple SuDoKu solver, as the name says it. 2) CS534_ML_SoccerResultPredictor - predicts outcome of English Premier League soccer games, based on results of past games (using Neural Networks). 3) FileRenamer - just a handy win app, to rename files by appending/truncating characters. 4) MineSweeper - you know the game. currently quite primitive, need to add more features to make it up to the mark of the great Minesweeper from

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