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FileRally collects your most recently used and most frequently used files into one virtual folder. The files you use constantly and the files you modified yesterday are there at your fingertips without folder navigation. With FileRally you can - Specify folders containing files to watch - Specify number of files to display - View files as names, icons, or a detailed list - Sort the detailed list by name, size, date, or use count - Double click files to open them with their default application, or - Open files with the application of your choice



Related Projects

ROX Desktop

The ROX Desktop is a desktop based around ROX-Filer - a powerful file manager.


A wrapper library for the HTML5 Filesystem API what reuses UNIX commands (cp, mv, ls) for its API.

ASSP - Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy

ASSP is a SMTP proxy which sits between SMTP server and the MTA. It filers the spam and delivers the legtimate mails to the MTA. Its feature include Bayesian analysis, Sender Policy Framework) validation and blocking, Realtime Blackhole Listing, URL Black Listing, Multi-level attachment blocking, LDAP support, Backscatter Detection, SNMP support and lot more.

TurboPower FlashFiler

FlashFiler is a client-server database for Borland Delphi amp; C++Builder. It features a component-based architecture amp; the server engine can be embedded in your applications. FlashFiler is easy to configure, performs well, amp; includes SQL support.

BPF traffic daemon/collector

IP accounting tools package based on Berkeley Packet Filer mechanism. Continue from BPFT by V.Vorobyev, TRAFD by V.Belekhov amp; S.Svirid. Use the PCAP library to implement connection to bpf kernel pseudo-device.

django-filer - File and Image Management Application for django

File and Image Management Application for django

Tnm065 - labbar och projekt

alla filer som är gemensamma kan och skall kunna hittas här peace

Php-filer - PHP-koder till filer

Här skickar vi upp våra filer