WHS File Mover

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A Windows Home Server Plugin to move files from a local directory ("drop" or "staging" directory to a folder share)




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Openflowrouter - a server used to route flow

Open Flow Router(OFR) poll any input (directory, pop, database) through a plugin Mechanism to any output. It can also apply an action for each flow. It's a multi-platform coded in java.

Omnimalcd - Code for developing applications to run on and interface to Omnima LCDs

olcdtool olcdtool is an application used for communication to and from the Omnima LCD Source code compiles and runs on Linux (KDevelop or make), Mac OS X (XCode) and Windows (Visual C++ 2010) and can be ported to other embedded platforms. Uses - Send commands to LCD - Test LCD operation - Upgrade LCD firmware - Build your host application to run on Linux, Mac OS X or Windows based on the tested olcdtool code (use olcd.c, serial.c and platform.c) Supported speeds -Up to 1152000bps (84Kb/s) on Lin

News-scroller - Vertical news scroller and news ticker. Uses Mootools library

Based on the blog posts by Antonio Lupetti, this news scroller is open source and ready to use. Demo Version 1.3 includes Added a Mootools 1.1.2 compatible version for those who need. Added YUI Compressed versions. Version 1.2 includes Fixed bug of scrolling immediately upon startup Added pausing of scroll when mouse is in the ticker area. Added option of no_mouse_pause. Default is false (mouse causes pause). Commented newsticker file. Made newsticker file into a proper library file--moved the i

FileMover - FileMover data-service for CMS experiment

FileMover data-service for CMS experiment

drupal-filemover - Move uploaded files between directories, updating all references in database

Move uploaded files between directories, updating all references in database


Script to use in conjunction with Mac Folder Actions to move the new downloaded tv shows episodes or movies to the appropriate PLEX folder


Move files from source through filters to sinks. Support ftp, sftp, email, local files, pgp, zip etc.


Helps you organize your movie and tv-show library. Recorded of cource! Please help out with the regexp. Really not my thing. Feel free to reuse the script for something else. After all its purpose is to use regexp-rules to move files.