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FileMonitor Monitor files in the folder,and auto transffer data to database. You'll no longer have to delevop program for every file fomat.You just config the process.



Related Projects


GLSOF is a GUI for LSOF divided in 2 projects: queries and filemonitor

File Monitor Lite

File Monitor Lite monitors files selected by wildcard and make backups each time any file is modified.

Air-filewatch - Simple AIR+Flex File Watcher/Monitor

Simple AIR+Flex File Watcher/Monitor to try Flex 4 and as3corelib's FileMonitor class...

Filemonitor-py - A file monitoring daemon that triggers an arbitrary command when a file is detected

AbstractThis is a simple file monitoring daemon. It is configured with Event Definitions that basically say which file patterns the daemon should react on, and what the resulting action should be. FeaturesPure Python Works without inotify (Linux only) on Windows, Unix and Linux OSes. Uses "modified" stat() metadata and file size comparison to detect if a file is closed / fully written to disk. If the file size does not change within a tracking interval, it is considered to be closed (of course i

Monitordirectory - a file monitor

when a new files is added to a directory of your choice or it is changed file is opened on your machine usinf application default for that file

File-monitor - File viewer that automatically redraws files when they change on disk.

File Monitor is a cross-platform file viewer that automatically redraws files when they change on disk. You can edit an HTML document in a simple text editor and watch it update in real-time using File Monitor. If you are keeping track of 10 different log files, File Monitor will automatically switch to the most recently modified file and take you to those changes. Currently supported file types are text, html, svg, and raster image file formats (jpg, gif, png, bmp, etc).

File-Monitor - Release history of File-Monitor

Release history of File-Monitor

linux-filemon - Filemonitor - dentry-based file event notifications

Filemonitor - dentry-based file event notifications

emt2-monitor_test - automatic file-monitor for emt2

automatic file-monitor for emt2