File Explorer for WPF

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FileExplorer is a WPF control that's emulate the Windows Explorer, it supports both FIleSystem and non-FileSystem class.



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Phexplorer - File browser written in php

PHExplorer is a small and lightweight file browser written in PHP. With PHExplorer, you can upload files, delete files, download files (Right click on the files and hit save target), and view some files (at the moment, you can only view Text and some HTML files).

Free-java-ide - an easy and free java integrated development environment

the project is finished in a team of four, where i write the most parts except the edit area, communication area and multi-language support. the layout origins from the ttplayer, which is quite popular among Chinese users. window stuck function like winamp is also implemented. the file explorer is more complete however drag function is not supported yet. the ide still has a lot of bugs :P

Ollieexplorer - The fastest file explorer for windows

OllieExplorer is a database backed file explorer with a fast dynamic grid control providing the core of the user interface. OllieExplorer aims to be fast for small directories and the fasted file explorer for large directories. The database backend provides high performance sorting and views for partial file name searches. A monitor application monotors directories for changes and constantly updates the database so if you start a new session of ollieexplorer previously visited directories will l

Mashup-arufa-hc-fileexplorer - FileExplorer

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Liubaobao Web File Manager

A web based file manager for your website. FTP does not do a good job in managing your website files? This is a better alternative, experience the demo and see.

FileExplorer - MIUI???????????Community edition of MIUI File Explorer)

MIUI???????????Community edition of MIUI File Explorer)

Desktopbrowser - File explorer on your browser

Desktop BrowserA free, open-source, web based file explorer, runs locally on your browser, designed for media desktops. See online demo. Running instructionsInstall .NET 4 Install IIS Express Download latest zip package, and unzip Run DesktopBrowser.Launcher.exe FeaturesQuick find (client side) Image view - with preview of first photo from each folder Sorting by any column(s) Folder size calculation Next/previous sibling folder navigation Browser back, forward and bookmarks are fully supported C

BeeCoders WPF Controls

Various Wpf user controls. This project contains some Wpf users controls that are hard to find as open source on the web. FileExplorer control PdfCanvas control