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FileExchange allows you to exchange files with other users, who only need a browser to upload or download files from your PC. The program itself is a HTTP web server with an graphical user interface written in Java.



Related Projects

Phphttpserver - http file exchange server

What is it?phphttpserver is light, one-source-file, php http file exchange server. How I can use it?For running you need to be installed php-cli and necessary php extensions: pcntl, sockets...Check your php: $ php -m | grep -e "pcntl\\|sockets" Unfortunately, pcntl module is available only for unix php builds. However this is the only way to create proccess. Use -h or -u command line arguments to show usage.

Java-k-best - Java implementation of the Murty algorithm to obtain the K best assignments

Implementation of the Murty algorithm to obtain the best K assignments. Includes the implementation of the Jonker-Volgenant algorithm. Usual applications are multiple target tracking algorithms, Joint Probabilistic Data Association (JPDA), Multiple Hypothesis Tracking (MHT), Global Nearest Neighbours (GNN), etc. Based on the original code by Jonker-Volgenant, and the Murty Matlab implementation by Eric Trautmann (

Imgul - simple image store\\exchange script

simple image store\\exchange script written in php, doesn't use any database, requires GD library and >php4. useful for storing avatars & screenshots. creates unique filenames jpeg images are compressed for efficient disk usage creates thumbnail preview images easy link creation for BBCode-compatible engines

Bin-project - Student Project - Mochito bin(be in nibbles)

Mochito includes a randomly changed sample of programms to use for anything. On the run: socket framework rmi framework finished clipboard interlink (using systray4j MP3-Sync-Player via rmi (using javaplayer

Blopex - parallel preconditioned eigenvalue solvers

GeneralBlock Locally Optimal Preconditioned Eigenvalue Xolvers (BLOPEX)1 is a package, written in C and MATLAB/OCTAVE, that includes an eigensolver implemented with the Locally Optimal Block Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Method (LOBPCG) 2. Its main features are: a matrix-free iterative method for computing several extreme eigenpairs of symmetric positive generalized eigenproblems; a user-defined symmetric positive preconditioner; robustness with respect to random initial approximations, vari

Hack-chat - A server/client chat and file exchange program with point to point public key distribute

In order to learn about unix sockets, public key cryptography and private key distribution using the openssl api and the Qt gui framework, I developed this server/client chat program that supports point to point blowfish encryption distributed using an RSA public key (which, however, is susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks). Also incorporates file exchange. Disclaimer: Very much a hack. Not fully tested. Adapted from a poorer version I initially coded early 2010 using the wx widgets api for

fileexchange - local fileexchange hub based on nginx server and flask framework

local fileexchange hub based on nginx server and flask framework


Helper functions to install tools from [MATLAB File Exchange](

xPyrus - new home for xPyrus framework - community and file-exchange plattform

new home for xPyrus framework - community and file-exchange plattform