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This application checks a Gmail account regularly for mail containing URLs. Once a URL is found, its content is downloaded and sent as a reply message with the file as an attachment. Intended usage: - Download IEEE articles as PDF when you're not in a authenticated network.



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Librarybox - Portable Private Digital Distribution

LibraryBox is a combination of a router (a variety of hardware will work), USB drive, and software that, when combined, give you a small, low powered webserver. The webserver acts like a captive portal, and delivers files that are stored on the USB drive.

Jquery-jdownload - A jQuery plugin to assist file download

jDownload is a jQuery plugin to assist file download.For more information, instructions and examples check out the jDownload website -

File-downloader - Simple C# 2.0 application that downloads files upon e-mail request

This application checks a specific GMail account for messages containing URL address to files. It downloads the file and reply the message with the desired file attached. This is useful in situations where only a specific network has access to a certain domain or sites not available in general, since no VPN or special setup can be made to access this network from from outside.

Mark's Awesome Java-Oriented Browser

A largely text-based web-browser with a graphical front-end written in Java/Swing. It is a careful mix between a text-editor and a web-browser. MAJOB comes with on-board file-downloading widget and image viewer for dealing with images.


This script is very simple, you can count the files\' downloads and can block downloads from an another website(This option can be disable). It make complete stats too with browsers\' name, last week download etc.... It\'s a good file/download manager.

Eptidy - TV Episode Tidier - A program to flexibly organise your TV episodes

What does it do?Tidy up all your tv episodes. Rename and move your files in the way and location of your choice. Downloads episode names from imdb and renames them in the format you specify all from a cross platform native looking gui. Easily extended and editable to support other tv shows. Eptidy supports proxy setting. How to use eptidyEptidy manages your collection of TV episodes by scanning their file names, determining season and episode numbers, and retrieving the corresponding episode nam

Latestmediahandler - Latest Media Handler for MediaPortal

IntroductionLatest Media Handler is a plugin for MediaPortal (MP). The plugin supports pushing latest added media to your skin. latest added pictures latest added movies (moving pictures) latest added series (tvseries) latest added music latest added tv recordings GuidesSkinners Guide RequirementsMediaPortal 1.2 The Fanart Handler Plugin v2.3 A skin that supports the Latest Media Handler. Installation (MPE1 FILE)Download the MPE1 file from the download tab. Double click the file and the MediaPor

Jabnews - News and File Downloader for Users in Internet-Censored Countries

Internet users in censored countries such as Iran, Cuba, and China, etc. cannot access Voice of America, CNN, BBC, and other "improper" web sites. The governments in such countries use various Internet censorship technologies to block users from reaching those "improper" web sites. JabNews is a new tool that allow users to receive news feeds and/or download files from censored web sites. Unlike traditional anti-censorship tools, JabNews does not require the user to have access to a proxy server,

Nateonpidginbranch - Branch of Haz3's Libpurple Plugin for NateOn

NateOn is a Korean IM protocol. Haz3 created a plugin for Pidgin to allow access to the protocol. The plugin was awesome, but had some annoying bugs. I made patches for my version, and sent them into Haz3. Some of the changes were made, but some weren't. Here's my version that I run on my computer. It's based on Haz3's rev147 (latest at time of writing). Changes: 1. Removed the segfault when disabling the account with a chat open. (this is the main reason for the branch) 2. Added viewing of prof

File-Download - Release history of File-Download

Release history of File-Download