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File::Cache is a perl module that enables the sharing of object data across processes via the filesystem. Use of File::Cache is now discouraged in favor of the new Cache::Cache project available at



Related Projects

Javafilecache - FileCache

This is a File Cache writen in Java. By the moment it's implemented using the least-recently-used (LRU) algorithm.

Filecacher - Simple cache library for PHP

Required: PHP 5 and highter. Provides retrieval and storage of data on the basis of key = value, like memcached but using the file as a repository.

Androidcommons - Android Commons

AboutImplementations of common solutions for Android applications. AboutFeaturesCompleted featuresDeveloped featuresPlanned featuresExamplesPlanned examplesRelated projects FeaturesCompleted featureslogging (SimpleLog) tasks Better AsyncTasks (ProgressDialogTask) Developed featuresWebClient Support HTTP JSON-RPC (2.0) Planned featuresWebClient Support TCP/IP JSON-RPC, XML-RPC Cache FileCache MemoryCache Widgets Better ImageView Large images (without OOM) Zooming Scrolling Common alert dialogs Cl

Perl Cache

Perl Cache is the successor to the File::Cache and IPC::Cache modules. This project unifies those modules with the generic Cache::Cache interface and implements Cache::FileCache, Cache::MemoryCache, Cache::SharedMemoryCache, and Cache::SizeAwareFileCache.

Jupiterfilecache - general purpose file cache class

JupiterFileCache (JFC) is a general purpose, multi location, multi process, thread safe file read & write cache library. This is a C++ library that allows caching files in remote (network) locations onto the local client to speed up future accesses to these files. This reduces network traffic but also, more importantly, disk access on the server. Modern network infrastructures are rarely the problem, but a server's disks often don't cope well when hundreds of clients read large files, often repe

.NET File Cache

FileCache is a concrete implementation of the .Net Framework 4's System.Runtime.Caching.ObjectCache that uses the local filesystem as the target location.

Gcachephp - gCache

Daha önceki yazımda cache sistemi için algoritma çıkarmıştım; Sitenizin ziyaretçi sayısı arttığı zaman ve veritabanınızın boyutu büyüdüğünde, mysql'iniz şişebilir. 1000 kişinin aynı anda sitenize girdiğini düşünelim, sayfamızdaki bütün sorgular sunucuda 1000 defa sorgulanır. Mysql bir süre sonra buna yanıt veremez ve çöker. Siteniz kullanılamaz bir hale gelir ve agrasifleşip sağa sola bağırmaya kalkabilirsiniz. Görebiliyorum o halinizi. Başıma geldi

Pagecache-tools - Tools for the linux page cache

Major kernel components of this project includes: /proc/filecache interface for querying the pagecache prioritized I/O for readahead/read requests Major user space components of this project includes: filecache a tool for /proc/filecache (to show up in the upcoming linux kernel) bootcache create/preload/defrag a set of files for some task(i.e. boot) readahead-fs readahead a set of files in parallel When completed, the potential users can be: desktop users, general purpose cache preloading system

Mail-trends - Analysis and visualization of email data

Mail Trends lets you analyze and visualize your email (as extracted from an IMAP server). You can see: Distribution of messages by year, month, day, day of week and time of day Distribution of messages by size and your top 40 largest messages The top senders, recipients and mailing lists you're on. Distributions of senders, recipients and mailing lists over time The distribution of thread lengths and the lists and people that result in the longest threads To see some sample output, here's the re

Jiania - Jiania PHP 5 Framework

JIANIA is a PHP 5 framework for rapid application development. It is fully name-spaced and uses enterprise application design patterns, with built-in support for localization and configuration at all levels. Project Leader :洪建家,Mobile:13520000517, 框架介ç»�Jiania is (Jia Ni A->加你啊),æ�¥è‡ªæ»šé›ªç�ƒä¹‹æ„�,越滚越大!欢迎你éš�时加入! 加你啊系统是专门为ä¼�业级系统应用快速开å�‘ã€�设计的而æ��供一整套解决方案. 产å“�特色èž�è¿