Perl File::Skeleton

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File::Skeleton copies a Skeleton (directory tree) to an actual location, applying perl templates and various other options whilst doing so.



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autotools-idl is a patch for automake and some autoconf scripts that adds support for IDL and C++ ORBs. It provides full support for compiling IDL files to C++ stubs and skeletons. The autoconf scripts provide unified detection of different C++ ORBs.


Empower your website frontends with layouts, meta-data, pre-processors (markdown, jade, coffeescript, etc.), partials, skeletons, file watching, querying, and an amazing plugin system. Use it either standalone, as a build script, or even as a module in a bigger system. Either way, DocPad will streamline your web development process allowing you to craft full-featured websites quicker than ever before.

Smdimp - Smd model importer for JMonkey Engine 2.0

SMDImpBasic hl1 smd model importer for JMonkey Engine 2.0 FeaturesModel importer. Skeleton and bone animation. Current releases]

Yii-analogue-clock-widget - A flash-llike analogue clock widget for yii application

How to make a skeleton application having a clock widgetGet the files under the trunk of the google code repository using svn. $ svn checkout <yii-analogue-clock-widget>Create a skeleton application using yiic. $ cd <yii-demo-directory>$ ../framework/yiic webapp <app-name>Copy image files and php files to the skeleton application. $ cp <yii-analogue-clock-widget>/analogue-clock-*.png <app-name>/images/$ cp <yii-analogue-clock-widget>/Clo

Dayzerobuild - An Agile Minded Skeleton Project

Starting a new project with Agile practices in mind should be easy. The Day Zero build file and skeleton project allow you to hit the ground running with Dependency Management, JUnit, Code Coverage, and Static Code Analysis all baked in to your build. It also easily integrates with Hudson, a Continuous Integration server. The Skeleton project uses: Ant for the build file Ivy for dependency management Cobertura for Code Coverage http://cobertura.sou

Ruby-epub - An EPUB (and associated file formats, like OPF) library for Ruby.

An EPUB (and associated file formats, like OPF) library for Ruby. Near Roadmap ☑ OPF file support (2008 Dec. 27) ☑ NCX file support (2008 Dec. 27) ☑ EPUB project skeleton (mimetype, META-INF/container.xml, OPF file, NCX file) EPUB script to properly build (proper zip file compression/creation) EPUB script to add/manipulate content in OPF ☑ Add items (including to spine) ☑ Add reference guides (Mobipocket cross-compliance) Edit DC/meta metadata EPUB script to add nav points to NCX ☑ L

Yii-skeleton-app - A skeleton application for Yii (including user manegment!)

Requires Yii 1.1.x (but only tested on 1.1.6). If anyone else with experience would like access to work on this skeleton application, just let me know. It still uses the Yii 1.0 template and menu component. Things like this need to be upgraded. This project is still a good reference for its new & user system, among other things. Demo Features: User management Login/logout Registration Email verification Administrative functions User list (using ajax pagination) User recovery yiic shell commands

Widgetapps-metis - A Zend Framework Starter Library

Metis (mee-tis) is a Zend Framework starter library. It provides some basic extensions to the Zend Framework, the main extension being a simple localization view helper that uses XML files for language files. There is also a Zend Framework skeleton that can be used as a starter directory layout for a new Zend Framework project. Yes, there are already libraries & tools out there (like Zend_Tools) that you can use as a ZF starter. The main difference is that this project is really just my way of s

Pynabla - Graphic application framework

This package provides an object-oriented programming interface for developing visually-rich applications. Only depends on pyglet. The package is divided in three independent packages: - nabla.gui: Graphic User Interface. - nabla.geo: Geometry manager. - Skeleton for applications. Some of the features are: - Multiple monitor support. - Extensible widgets, including a File Explorer. - Layer picking with alpha channel support.

Pytracemonitor - trace execution

trace execution. works. currently testing pytracemonitor collects all information on objects during the execution of a program and stores it in a file. It is then analyzed by code. The primary information is the value of local variables at each line. This system will ultimately replace other commonly used debugging tools. This is a skeleton for others to add object gathering and results filtering. The web was searched for this capability in Python for several years before writing the code. It is