FIJI ForthIsh Java Interpreter

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FIJI the ForthIsh Java Interpreter is an interactive environment with a procedural syntax similar to the Forth programming language. FIJI can load, introspect, and execute Java classes and methods. FIJI's main use is for unit and component testing of Java



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Fiji-bi - Fiji is just ImageJ - batteries included

Fiji is an image processing package based on ImageJ. For users, Fiji is easy to install and update, bundles a set of plugins in a coherent menu structure (and updatable), along with comprehensive documentation. For developers, Fiji as an open source project is hosted on a git source version control repository, with access to the source code of all internals, libraries and plugins, and eases the development and scripting of plugins. For details, please look at the Fiji Wiki.

Scj-jsr302 - oSCJ - open Safety Critical Java implementation @ Purdue

oSCJOpen Safety Critical Java (oSCJ) project implements a restricted subset of SCJ (JSR-302). The project is developed at S3 group at Purdue University. For more information, see the oSCJ webpage: Check-out oSCJYou can check-out oSCJ from our Mercurial repository: hg clone scjCheck-out oSCJ's VMoSCJ library can be executed on top of two different Virtual Machines : FijiVM and Ovm. FijiVM - FijiVM is available under academic license,

Xhr - XML HTTP Request Wrapper

XML HTTP Request WrapperSimple Javascript Wrapper for the XMLHttpRequest Object. Supports IE5.5+, Firefox 1.0+, Opera, Safari. For IE6- it will use the IE's XMLHttpRequest ActiveX Object and cache the version for faster Instantiation (though it doesn't really matter compared to HTTP latency). The HTTP Requests use HTTP/1.1 where available which will persist the TCP connection and reduce the overhead of constructing and destructing the TCP connection for each HTTP Request. By default the requests

Javascript-as3-socket - JavaScript AS3 Socket

A sockets client in JavaScript, using The JavaScript client will include the Flash SWF that proxies the socket for JavaScript. No ActionScript experience is required. A similar project is also on GitHub: However, it depends on JQuery. JavaScript-as3-sockets only requires native JavaScript and Flash with as3 support. AboutThe source code is part of an browser based XMPP client we are developing at Fiji Web Design. The client will attempt to use th

Joomla-php-speedy - PHP Speedy Plugin for Joomla

Joomla PHP SpeedyJoomla PHP Speedy is a Plugin for the Joomla CMS that integrates PHP Speedy. PHP Speedy itself is an Open Source PHP Library that speeds up PHP websites. PHP SpeedyPHP Speedy library is designed to optimize the download speed of your PHP website. It merges multiple JavaScript and CSS files into a single file, minifies them, and also uses Gzip for on the fly compression of the HTTP output. PHP Speedy is a project maintained by AcidDrop. The PHP Speedy Project Page has more inform

Pysense - A language to program wireless sensor network at once

PySense is a new hosted language (based on Python decorators) which aims at macro-programming for wireless sensor networks and "web of things" architectures more in general. Differently from node-level programming, where the programmer has to program each node individually and to write different parts of a distributed algorithm for different node types, a macro-programming language allows the algorithm of the entire application to be implemented in one point and then the distributed logic is ach

Qcurrency - QCurrency Converter

Qcurrency ConverterQcurrency ConverterAbout QcurrencyNewsRequirementsScreenshotsSupported UnitsCurrencyLengthWeightCredits and thanks About QcurrencyQcurrency is a currency converter for international exchange rates. Qcurrency udpates exchange rate data from the internet and stores the information locally for off-line use. Qcurrency, despite its name, can also do all of your Weight and Length conversions. Its has all the common units available for conversion, eg Feet, Inches, Centimetres, Kilogr

Smithlabsoftware - Smith Lab at Stanford University Software

IntroductionThis is the repository for code from the Smith Lab at Stanford University. It primarily contains codes relevant to the acquisition and analysis of array tomography data. It includes specialized FIJI plugins, python programs, matlab scripts, and Zeiss Axiovision plugins. For details on the Smith lab and array tomography please visit The projects hosted here are: TransformVssForrest. a set of fiji plugins which are altered versions of existing plugins desi

Techccultologysamoamultilanguagesoftware - develope a softeware that enable translation of samoa lan

Samoa language is currently not included in any existing software package. Techccultologysamoamultilanguagesoftware is within the context of Samoa language and culture. The idea is designed to help Samoa improve its current ebusiness and etrading. The young pacific islands within the pacific region are all regarded as 3rd world countries By improving Samoa's technological and trading infrastructure, these could improve trading between the small Pacific Nations in the Pacific Region by trading am


Fiji Is Just ImageJ