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Figurine is a vector graphics editor for X11 that uses the xfig FIG3.2 format.



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Freresdarmes - Projet de developpement d'un jeu PC basé sur le jeu de figurines 'Frères d&

Ceci est la page de gestion du projet de jeu PC 'FdA'. Il est basé sur les règles du jeu de figurine 'Frères d'Armes' créé par Patrick Receveur.

Math-en-jeu - Math en jeu is a math game.

Math game where up to 4 students can play online against each other. By moving their figurines around a colorful pseudo 3D board, players answer math questions and can play tricks against their opponents. Client and server distributed under Affero GPL 1. Math en jeu is developped by the SMAC project at the Laval university in Québec. Try the game :

Pluginrarekiller - Plugin for HB

Plugin for the WOW-Bot Honorbuddy. This Plugin will help you hunt Rare Mobs like TLPD It can also hunt a Mob by ID or tame your Hunter his favourite Pet. And Now also implemented some Features in Test Stage: --> Aeonaxx and Camel Figurine Interactor

Figurine - Databse voor Groentjes

Databse voor Groentjes

figurine - better accepts nested attributes

better accepts nested attributes


a shape detector using an artificial neural network

figurine - PGF/Tikz for free body diagrams.

PGF/Tikz for free body diagrams.

figurine - Simple, structure only models with inheritance

Simple, structure only models with inheritance

FigurineShop - Application exemple architecture "Entités/Interacteurs/Bornes"

Application exemple architecture "Entités/Interacteurs/Bornes"


This repository contains public CAD source and distribution files for the Android hackbot. The Android Hackbot is a mashup of an Arduino Pro Mini, the Official Android DIY Figurine, and 3D Printed Parts. Originally designed by Free Beachler, the Android Hackbot is a toy robot that can be used for Arduino development and hacking. It was designed as a fun way to learn elementary robotics.